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Give Peace and
Wooden Rings
a Chance

Wooden rings, they aren’t just for your hippie Uncle Dave who’s still living in the 1960s or your Eco-Friend who eats seaweed for breakfast. Wooden rings have tremendous depth of meaning and are sturdy and trendy enough for modern life. Meanwhile those wooden rings are becoming more trendy as wood wedding band choice, anniversary gift ideas.

Warrior wood

The wooden rings by Urban Designer are made from Hawaiian koa wood. In Hawaiian, “koa” means “warrior”: strong, fearless, and brave. Hawaiian koa wood originates from the Big Island of Hawaii and ranges in color from yellow to orange, brown, red, and black. Hawaiian people have been using koa wood for generations to make their iconic surfboards and ukuleles. Ok, maybe that’s sounding more like Uncle Dave than I thought - but maybe he was on to something!

Rings Reclaimed

Your Eco-Friend also has a point. If we don’t honor the planet as much as we honor our phones, there will be trouble. Urban Designer’s rings are reclaimed koa wood, which means no new trees are cut down to make our rings. Instead, we collect the unused wood from other projects (surfboards and ukuleles, for example). Beautiful koa wood that would have been wasted now has new life in rings. And let’s be honest. Wood rings help you “reclaim” your pennies compared to many metal (e.g., gold) and stone (e.g., diamond) rings.

The first Element

Many traditions honor wood as a material having spiritual and symbolic power. Feng shui, an element of Chinese thought, divides the world into five elements: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The “wood” element is considered the first element, the starting place, and is associated with the season of spring and other new beginnings. (This is why wood rings are perfect for engagements and marriages!). Wood is associated with courage, birth, newness, health, family, and abundance. Who wouldn’t want a little of that to wear around?

Subtle style

Expressing individuality and style is a hallmark of our time. Urban Designer’s wood rings don’t look like something you whittle at camp (although if that’s what you’re going for, whittle on). Our rings are made with hypoallergenic and durable tungsten with koa wood inlay. Thought, care, and creativity go into the unique designs. Our wood rings go with everything from morning to night, sandals to tux, and will last a lifetime of memories and inspiration.

Style, meaning, sustainability.

Wooden rings could be your thing! Uncle Dave and Eco-Friend would be so proud. Check out all the styles at Urban Designer Wood Ring Collection.


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