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Should I Buy a Wooden Watch: Pros and Cons

As any good jewelry and fashion enthusiast knows, a good watch is an important investment piece. It may be practical, but it’s also a great statement piece that can elevate just about any outfit. With that in mind though, you can’t just buy any watch and expect it to properly pull all that weight. If any old watch won’t do, what watch should you buy? Here at Urban Designer, we’re rather partial to wood watches, however there’s plenty to consider when buying a wooden watch as well. To help you along in your quest to find your perfect timepiece, we’ve compiled a handy guide of the pros and cons to buying a wooden watch. Read along to find out if it’s for you.

The Pros

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

One of the best things about wood watches is that they are an environmentally responsible alternative to other watches, because they’re crafted from reclaimed wood rather than freshly felled trees. This not only means that they avoid the issues that often come along with mining metals, but they also help protect our forests from the rampant deforestation issues we are currently facing and produce less waste due to the reuse of woods. Even compared to some of the most environmentally committed metal watch brands, wooden watches are always the eco-friendlier choice. 

Handmade Wooden Necklace Long Leather Pendant


If you are someone who suffers from some kind of metal allergy, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of people have issues wearing jewelry made from cobalt, nickel, chromium, and other types of metals. Unfortunately, that tends to limit people’s choices for jewelry as many brands use a mix of metals rather than something less irritating like stainless steel. 100% wood watches completely curtail the issue so you can wear something stylish without worries of rashes or other skin problems, because wood is a naturally hypoallergenic material. That’s a great plus for anyone and it’s even greater if you’re buying the watch as a present!

Unique and Stylish

When most people think of wood watches, they probably expect a very basic design with a very basic wood color. While some wood watches do look like this, the majority do not. Wood watches come in just about every style and wood grain under the sun. Whether you’re looking for something more neutral and minimalistic, classic and sophisticated, sleek and modern, or more rugged and masculine, there is a wooden watch that will work for you. Regardless of what style you’re looking for though, wood watches are always unique. Due to their reclaimed wood construction, no two are ever the same. Each watch will have its own unique pattern and color, which only becomes more unique as you wear it and your skin’s natural oils develops the wood’s patina.  

best wooden watches by urban designer

Easy to Engrave

Wooden watches are the gift that keeps on giving, partially because they look better with age and partially because they are easily engravable. That makes them ideal for Christmas presents, birthday presents, wedding gifts, and anniversary gifts – which is a pretty amazing ‘pro.’ Our Urban Designer watches have some of the best engraving options of any major watch company, allowing you to make your gift (to others or yourself!) all the more special. You can engrave just about anything, from a portrait to a short message to meaningful coordinates or dates and beyond. Just send us your idea, a font that you like or your handwriting, and we’ll get to work. Simple as that. 

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

The Cons

Not Waterproof

One of the major downsides to wood watches is that they aren’t able to withstand the elements as well as metal watches. While they won’t rust from water exposure like metal watches, they will warp, discolor, or otherwise suffer from too much contact with water. That doesn’t mean they won’t survive a few sprinkles here and there, but it does mean you probably avoid wearing them in the shower, pool, or in a heavy rainstorm. After all, wood is an organic material and will absorb what touches it. This also means that wooden watches aren’t ideal for sports as too much sweat or dirt can also harm the watch. 

Requires Upkeep

While this isn’t a ‘con’ to some people, it may be to others who would prefer to just grab and go. Because of the nature of wood, you have to provide some upkeep to keep it working and looking its best. Typically, your skin’s natural oils are enough to keep the wood well-conditioned, but people with drier skin types will probably find themselves needing to treat their wooden watch with oils to keep the wood from cracking, splintering, or becoming brittle. You also must keep the watch away from lots of water, excessive sun exposure, and away from any excessive impact that could chip it or otherwise damage it. The best way to do this is to put it in a case or in a safe place like a drawer if it isn’t on your wrist. This is definitely not a watch to just throw around.

Overall wearing  wooden watches are very trendy nowadays, also it could be considered as great gifts ideas for anniversary, wedding favors, etc. Please welcome to comment below  and let us know your thoughts.


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