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wood watch engraving ideas

Wooden watches are so unique and gorgeous, with personalized engraving would be great gifts ideas for many occasions. Engravings are the perfect way to show your partner how much you think of them. Take a cue from these engraving ideas, or use them as inspiration.

Custom Engraving Ideas for Loved Ones

- You are My Person (Also available in your handwriting!)
- In Love with My Best Friend
- You are My Favorite Thought
- I Have a Crush on You
- I Love You and I Like You
- I Love You (pair it with "I Know" if you're a Star Wars fan)
- It's You. It's Always Been You.
- You Have My Heart
- You Have Bewitched Me
- Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
- I Knew From the Start
- You're the One for Me
- I'm Yours
- As You Wish

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Engraving Ideas For Anniversary 

Engraved quotes are the best way to tell the story of your relationship.

- And I Thought I Loved You Then
- The Best is Yet to Come
- We Rock the Casbah
- We Make This Look Good
- Best Dish Washer
- Love Means Forever
- I Choose You
- This Day and Every Day
- Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
- To the Greatest Husband/Wife
- You are My Treasure
- I Got You, Babe 

best wooden watches by urban designer

Engraving Ideas for Dad

If you're looking for a gift for dad, then why not look for watch engraving quotes?

- Superhero Minus the Cape
- I am Older - You Were Right
- My Father, My Friend
- Best Storyteller Award
- Thanks for Bailing Me Out
- You Taught Me Well
- Thank You for Your Love
- To My First Role Model
- To the Best Dad
- Nice Shot Dad
- Thanks for Catching Me When I Fall
- I Stole Your Best Jokes
- You Worked Hard So I Could Succeed
- Thank You for Everything
- Always Your Little Boy/Girl 

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

Engrave Your Own Handwriting

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

your own handwriting note and photos can be engraved on those classic wood grain watches.

- Please select "Yes" on engraving options to place order.

- After place order, please take photo of your handwriting on white paper with good lighting, and send to us with your order number to info@urbandesigner.co , please be aware of the shape of watch back to get better layout.

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

"Congratulations" Engraving Ideas

Whether they graduated or got a promotion, your loved one will love an engraved message.

- Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart
- The Future is Yours!
- Best of Luck in Your New Life!
- A New Chapter Begins
- We Always Knew You Could
- Told You So!
- A New Door Opens
- Bon Voyage
- You Did It!
- We're So Proud of You
- Don't Forget Your Friends
- You Make It Look Easy

Urban Designer watches are high-quality, handmade, and made of durable reclaimed wood, we have a wide variety of different styles and can engrave just about anything on our watches so you can personalize them to your heart’s content. Best of all, UD watches just get better and better with age, developing a comfier fit and a richer color pattern the more they’re worn. You can visit our wooden watches.  


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