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Top Five Reasons You Should Start Wearing A Wood Watch

traditional wooden watches

Whether you’re an expert at everything accessories or just like to pull them out every once in a while, you’ve likely noticed the surge of popularity surrounding wooden ones. Now you can find practically everything in wood. Bowties, necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, are just a few among them. But the one most common and familiar? Wooden watches. Interested in jumping on the bandwagon or do you need a little extra convincing? Here are some of the top reasons you should start wearing a wooden watch today.


Wood is Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest concerns facing us today is the current environmental crisis. Climate change is happening rapidly before our very eyes and it is leading to some disastrous consequences – for now but also for later. Stopping it or even slowing it at this point is incredibly difficult, but even little changes add up over time. Wearing a wood watch instead of a metal watch can be one of the easier changes. Because wood products take carbon out of the atmosphere and are extremely energy efficient with a low carbon footprint, they’re definitely the more environmentally friendly option of the two. Also, most wood watches (and all of ours here) are made from reclaimed wood rather than freshly felled trees, so they’re also sustainable.


Wood Watches Tell a Story

There’s nothing wrong with jewelry that just looks nice. We all have some of those pieces, but there is something to be said for an accessory that tells a story. Wood watches do that as they’re made from a natural material. No two pieces of wood are the same and thus no two wood watches are the same either. Every single watch will have a slightly different feel, shape, color, and wood grain. On top of that, wood watches age differently than those of the metal variety. Where metal watches rust and dull over time, wood actually becomes smoother, shinier, and far richer. Over time, the oils in your skin, friction, the environment, and more all make it develop a beautiful, rich patina completely unique to your life and story.


They Work with Everything

Make no mistake: wooden watches are great on a level beyond just practicality, but they’ve got that covered, too. One of the most obvious reasons that you should start wearing one is that these natural timepieces really do work with everything. After all, it’s hard for natural to ever look out of place. Wood watches can easily be dressed up or dressed down, looking just as impeccable in an office setting as it does just hanging out on the couch at home. You can also find wood watches in just about every size, shape, and style imaginable, too. Whether you’re more classic, rugged, edgy, or something in between or beyond, you can find a watch that works for you.


Wood Watches are Fashion-Forward

Despite its growing commonality and reputation, wood watches are still relatively novel out and about. You won’t see just anyone sporting one of these unique and natural timepieces. If you see one on a wrist, you can almost guarantee the owner knows a thing or two about style. Wood watches just are inherently great looking accessories. They tick all the boxes. They’re unique but understated, versatile yet striking, and are simultaneously rugged and sophisticated. Wood watches balance on the knife-edge that all great style does, and odds are they will for years to come. That makes them not only a great staple for now but also an excellent investment for the future.


They Require Little Maintenance

Have you ever gotten a piece of jewelry and realized that it was an absolute pain to take care of? Well, if you have, we’re sorry, because you likely don’t wear it anymore. As trendy as we all like to be, there’s a certain level of convenience you want from something you wear most days. Luckily, wood watches don’t have to worry about meeting this expectation. They require very little maintenance to look and feel their best. The biggest things are to keep them away from water and out of direct sunlight – which most of us probably wouldn’t have trouble doing in the first place. Beyond that, just keep it in a box when it isn’t on your wrist and maybe wipe it down from time to time. Easy, right?

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