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Far Away but Close at Heart: 5 Great Long Distance Gift Ideas

LDR Gift Ideas-banner | Urban Designer

While the old adage about the heart growing fonder in absence may have some shred of truth to it, the reality is that said absence still feels far from okay. No matter how long you’ve been separated from your other half, being apart can still be painful, and hard days are sure to pop up even if you’ve generally adapted well to circumstances. However, there are ways to soothe some of the ache and keep the one you care about on their toes all the while. Buying them something now and again is an obvious one. But what should you get for your long-distance love? Here are five ideas to get you started.


1. Subscription Box 

Subscription Box

For the past few years, subscription boxes have exploded in popularity. Millions of people are signed up to a monthly box of their choice, and it’s no wonder why. From wine to pop culture merch to clothing and even to flowers, there’s pretty much a box for everything. If you can think of it, it surely exists. So, why not put your knowledge of your partner to good use and have a few subscriptions sent their way? Getting a gift from you every few weeks will make your significant other feel closer to you and like an important priority despite the distance that might physically separate you.


2. Digital Picture Frame

They always say that a picture’s worth a thousand words – many have a tendency to view this phrase as little more than cliché; however, those who are part of long-distance partnerships easily recognize the truth in that statement. After all, when you’re miles away from the one you love, pictures of them or you both together are sometimes your only way of regularly keeping them close to you. This makes them incredibly precious. Embrace that by purchasing a digital picture frame for your partner and loading it up with all your favorite pictures. Your photos can then be proudly displayed rather than just flipped through on the phone, making you and your partner feel more connected in the process. 


3. Engraved Wooden Watches

engraved wooden watches by Urban Designer

Jewelry has long been a go-to gift for sweethearts of all genders, ages, and tastes. It’s something that’s universal, but that can also be so personal, and there’s no better example of this than wooden watches. Available in a ton of unique designs – modern, rustic, flashy, plain, and everything in between – and sizes, there’s something that’ll be the perfect match for even the most discerning of significant others. Really want to up the impact of your present, though? Make sure to have your watch engraved with an important date, significant coordinates, or a message straight from the heart. It’ll end up more meaningful and be a great reminder to your love that you’re always with them whether you’re near or far. 


4. Body Pillow

Long-distance is rarely easy for a variety of reasons, yet perhaps one of the hardest things about being in two different locales is simply the lack of physical touch. Quick kisses, a hand on a knee, a light bump in greeting, hugs here and there; we often don’t realize how frequently we do it, but most of us are constantly giving our lovers casual contact. This is especially true when we turn in for the day, and lacking that can throw our sleep all off balance. A body pillow is then a great gift to get it back on track. It definitely isn’t the same as curling up beside you, but any partner who loves a goodnight snuggle will thoroughly appreciate a pillow to fill the role. 


5. Classic Luggage Set

As said before, being apart from the one you care about can be very hard, even on the best of days. But there are a couple of upsides to the arrangement, namely the feeling of getting to finally see each other again! There’s truly nothing like the rush of excitement when being reunited. Although, experiencing this will be a bit of a struggle if your s/o doesn’t have the tools to make that dream visit come true. Help them out by gifting them a proper set of luggage – or at least a quality bag that’ll get them from point A to B without any problems. We suggest going for a hard case roller for the best longevity, but the choice is yours.
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