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How to Buy Your First Wood Watch

guild for buying a wooden watch

Over the last few years, the popularity of wood watches has skyrocketed. Rather than having one or two options, consumers are now presented with hundreds of different choices from hundreds of different companies. Ranging everywhere from $20 to $500+, with every grain and color imaginable, figuring out the perfect wristwatch for you is more difficult than ever. How are you supposed to choose? Well we’re here to help you along with six tips on how to buy your first wooden watch.

1.Set a Budget

As with any purchase, the first important step is figuring out how much you want to spend. Are you looking for a wooden watch that won’t break the bank or are you in a position where your watch is a piece you can invest in? Also, what exactly does ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ mean for your budget? Is anything over $30 expensive or is $300?

No matter how much you spend though, it is important to recognize that cost isn’t always directly associated with quality. While it is oftentimes true that you get what you pay for, not always! Some companies knowingly overcharge for a product that others would charge significantly less for. Likewise, some brands are just able to charge less for higher-quality items due to demand. Basically, just do your research on price and quality to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

 2. Decide What Kind of Watch You Need

Just as important as budget, it’s crucial to know what you’re actually looking for in a wooden watch. Are you looking for a wooden watch that just does the bear minimum or are you looking for something with some tech in it? Do you like chronograph watches or need a watch with a calendar or compass? Or, perhaps a watch with built-in GPS is more your speed. Regardless of what you’re looking for, one of the first steps to buying any watch is to know what you’re really looking for.

Of course, also consider what you’re going to need your watch for! If you’re just looking for day-to-day wear, most wooden watches will do you well. But, if you’re needing a watch that will withstand hiking or diving, you’re going to need a watch that’s built tougher and is shockproof and/or waterproof!

3. Decide on Style, Wood Grain, and Color

It may seem obvious to some consumers but having an image of what you’re looking for style wise always makes shopping for a new wooden watch significantly easier. Don’t get us wrong – budget and watch type is important, but it isn’t everything. A watch on sale for $20 is a bargain, but it will never pay off if it doesn’t match the aesthetic you’re wanting. So, make sure to consider what styles you think looks best and fits in with your style overall.

Are you most simplistic or are you looking for something cutting-edge? Are natural wood tones your thing or would you prefer to pop a color with your wooden watch? Do you want something more casual or more formal? Are you in the market for wooden men’s watches or women’s? If you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to look online for style ideas or recommendations.

4. Consider Your Priorities

Now as much as we wish it wasn’t true, you can’t always get what you want. That in mind, it’s important to have your priorities straight before you start reaching for your wallet. If function is more important to you than appearance, then maybe don’t spend a hundred bucks on a wood watch that’s mainly there to look pretty. Of course, if you’re someone who is in the watch game just for fashion, don’t shell out a ton on something that has 15 different functions and can survive underwater for 8 hours. Yes, even if it is 1000% off. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us later.

5. Look for Quality – Do Your Research!

As briefly mentioned in our first tip, quality and price don’t always go hand in hand – for better or worse. Always do you research and make sure the company you’re buying from actually has good products. You don’t want to buy from a brand who uses cheap materials and has shoddy craftsmanship, so its better to be too critical than not critical enough.

When you get your new wood watch (or are checking one out in a store), give it a quick examination. Make sure the wood doesn’t have any scratches or cracks in it and seems structurally sound and look to see if any links or pins are loose or bent. Naturally, also make sure the watch is ticking properly. Poor quality may show up later down the line, but you can often tell straight away through obvious issues that often go unnoticed by other buyers. If you find any of these, it’s best to go with a different brand.

6. Buy from Companies with Good Return Policies & Warranties

Now, we also recognize that sometimes watches break or have defects regardless of how well-made they are or how experienced the brand is. Because of this, we also highly recommend buying from companies that have both good return policies and good warranties. You don’t want to just get a new watch (or just give it as a gift) and be out the money if it immediately breaks. You can usually see a company’s return/warranty policy right on their website, so it’s better to check that out before laying all your cash out on the figurative table. If they don’t offer easily offer this info or don’t have a good policy, don’t shop with them.

In the case that your potential watch maker comes up short though, maybe give Urban Designer a go? Unlike some companies, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and accept returns and exchanges within 30 days. Also, while our watches are durable, sometimes issues happen in transport. Should your watch show up broken, contact us immediately and we will make it right.

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