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Top 5 Trendy-Looking Wood Watches

top wooden watches by Urban Designer

Now that Thanksgiving has come and went for those of us in the States, winter’s basically here – and that means hoodies, thick coats, and chunky sweaters are in our immediate future. However, as much as people love winter fashion, what’s really special about it isn’t just the clothes, but the amazing accessories that compliment them. Of course, there’s nearly an endless variety in what you can pick, but wood watches are some of the most unique and versatile pieces to own. Want to add one or two to your collection? Here are 5 of our trendiest wood watches you can treat yourself (or someone else!) with today. 

1. Dark Face Minimalist Chronograph Watch

Personalized Mens Minimalist Dark Face Multi-Function Chronograph Round Wooden Watch with Premium Leather Band

As the name would imply, this wooden watch is for the real minimalists out there who aren’t afraid to embrace the darker side. Made from 100% reclaimed wood and premium leather, it’s got all the hallmarks of a UD watch but is even more pared down than some of our other offerings. The design is pretty straightforward, comprised of an almost-black, wood-grained face, thick bezel, and watch hands that are almost entirely unnoticeable at first glance, keeping things sleek and low-key. However, this UD watch knows the difference between ‘minimal’ and ‘boring,’ never letting it stray towards the latter with trendy, standout details like a rich tan band, blue contrast-stitching, and subdials. 

2. UD Manual Mechanical Wood Watch

 UD Mens Automatic Mechanical Wood Watch.jpg

Looking for something a little busier and more stylized? You’re almost sure to fall in love with our UD mechanical wood watch. It’s undoubtedly both ultra-trendy and modern with high-shine silver numbering and a contrasting wood-link band. Although, it also feels vaguely steampunk-inspired thanks to its exposed mechanics and decorative metal gears. It’s a beautiful fusion that looks incredible, but the watch itself doesn’t let down in the feel department, either. All smooth wood and expert craftsmanship, it conforms perfectly to the wrist with no pressure points and only gets better as your natural oils condition the wood. 

3. His and Hers Square Swiss Watch Set

 match his and her wooden watches

Not only does winter mean cozy fashion and festive films, but it also means that our shopping lists are about to become three times as long. Searching for gifts can be an extremely stressful experience, particularly for couples. However, we’ve made gifting accessorizing S/O’s simpler than ever with our Square Swiss His and Hers Set. The set contains two nearly identical watches barring color faces (blue and pink), both of which are made from reclaimed zebra wood. A simple square shape, typical hands and time markings, and linked band makes them classic and (pun intended) timeless, but the gorgeous pale and dark striped wood supplies a one-of-a-kind character to every single timepiece. 

 4. Zebra Wood Square Multifunction Watch

Personalized Gift for men-Boyfriend Gift Personalized-UD Mens Zebra Multi-Function Chronograph Personalized Engraved Wooden Watch-Anniversary Gift-Groomsmen Gift

Despite being another zebra wood option, the Zebra Wood Square Multifunction Watch clearly distinguishes itself – staking its own aesthetic claim and ensuring it stands out from the crowd. Where the Square Swiss Set leans heavily into old-school, traditional design, this UD option focuses in on one a little more contemporary. Just the overall shape and bezel alone are far chunkier and less delicate. Thick, rich wood and a textured black face set the base for this, but what really distinguishes it are the three white subdials and red numbering. Reminiscent of race car gauges, it truly gives it a trendy, masculine edge that’ll impress everyone in the room.

 5. Women’s Rose Wooden Watch

Rose Wooden Watches For Women by Urban Designer

Last on this list doesn’t necessarily mean last in our hearts, and this Women’s Rose Wooden Watch is more than proof of that. Feminine and sophisticated but also casual, it’s essentially a jack of all trades. The red-hued wood and plain white watch face combined are positively stunning, and the look is one of luxury without being overly flashy or ostentatious. It’s one of those rare finds that fits in just as well at brunch with friends as it does in a board meeting, cocktail event, or a weekend hanging around the house. And what’s even better? This watch is only bound to get better with time, developing that signature patina wholly unique to wooden watches. Telling your story as well as the time, it’s a must-buy for any accessory-conscious woman. 

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