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Wooden Watch or Smart Watch?

wooden watches or smart watches

Get a Wooden Watch or A Smart Watch? Very interesting question, let's figure it out which one is good fit for your gift. A watch is always a great gift (for someone else or even for yourself!). Wooden watches and smart watches are both trendy watch styles, but how can you choose?

How techie are you?

If you’re looking for the latest in technological innovation, there’s no question that the smart watch is for you. Synced with all your other tech devices, the smart watch can be part of how you manage your life, communicate with the world, and even, you know, tell time! Smart watches complement anyone with ultra-modern, sleek style.

Style and maintenance

If you’re not totally committed to wearing a small computer on your arm, the wooden watch offers the same level of style with a few extra benefits, too. Wooden watches for men and women are lightweight and offer, like their technie smart watch cousins, support for an active lifestyle. In fact, they are more durable than smart watches because of the forgiving wooden material and, obviously, a lack of tiny computer parts and software that can break or malfunction. 

A touch of nature

The tried-and-true technology of a wooden watch also has bold style. While more modern than your grandfather’s metal link or leather band watch, the wooden watch retains traditional style and offers a more timeless accessory than a smart watch. With a touch of nature, wood grain watches protect from the radiation (and who-knows-what-else) from smart watch electronics, much less doesn’t require regular charging from polluting energy sources. 

Unplug (at least on your wrist)

The world is finding out the downsides of ever-present digital technology all around us. We’re magnetized to phones and screens, which can hurt our eyes and dull our minds and make us unaware and unavailable to the world around us. Wooden watches preserve a small part of our lives that quietly serve our needs and express our style without constantly reminding us of news, deadlines, or to-do lists. 

The personal touch

Unlike smart watches, wood watches can be engraved. With typed or handwritten text or images, wooden watches can be personalized, meaningful, life-long gifts with a human touch. 

Ultimately, the choice of a watch is personal. With many styles from which to choose, you can find one that fits your lifestyle and values. 

So what's your thought on this question? Please share and comment blow! 

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