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6 Reasons to Wear A Wooden Watch

best wood watches by urban designer

Fashion trends largely come and go – but not all. Some of these trends end up standing the test of time and go on to become our new staples. Wood watches are fast finding their way into this category. Not convinced you should jump on this train yet, though? Read on to discover 6 reasons to wear a wooden watch.

1. They’re Stylish 

 In an era comprised of smartphones and savvy layered street-wear, minimalist style is the new attention-grabber. Wooden watches easily fit into this with their primarily wood constructions, natural wood tones, and simple watch faces. Even the more tech-heavy chronograph watch remains a simplistic, far-cry from the complex smartwatches on most people’s wrists today. 

This minimalism is only part of their charm, though. Wood watches are also gorgeous timepieces in their own right, ones that should be in anyone’s accessory arsenal. They have rich, warm colors that only get better with age and style that is the perfect combination of casual and sophisticated. 

If you’re wanting something that will turn heads whether you’re in the office, the store, or a club, wood watches are fit for the job. Bonus? You can find many matching his and hers wood watches, so your partner doesn’t have to feel left out.  

2. They’re Sustainable

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and not all watches or watch brands are along for the ride. The good news is that wood watches are. 

Most wooden watches, including ours here at Urban Designer, don’t use fresh lumber, instead opting to use reclaimed wood and other responsibly sourced materials. This means less harmful ecological impact, leaving you with a sustainable product you can feel good about. 

3. They’re One of a Kind

One of the best reasons to wear a wooden watch is that no two will ever be the same. Each and every watch is a unique piece due to the variability of its natural wooden materials. 

So, even if you see someone wearing the same watch, the grain, color, and texture will never be an exact match. Like you, our wood watches truly are one-of-a-kind and can’t be replicated. This is even further true as you wear it. 

Why? Well, because our wood watches change with time! As you wear it, your watch’s natural materials will change due to the natural skin oils and friction that occurs over time. Its colors will become richer, it’s texture will become smoother, and it will develop a shine that no artificial polish can match. 

Basically, your wooden watch customizes itself to how you wear it. Do you know of another watch that can do that?

4. They Make Great Heirlooms

Because of this aforementioned customization, wood grain watches make fantastic heirlooms that can be passed down for generations. 

Other watches may wear down with time, becoming dull, scratched, or uncomfortably stiff, but our wooden ones just get better with age! They develop richer colors and they become more comfortable with each wear. This makes them great for passing along to others. 

However, what makes them really great heirlooms is that they tell a story. They tell the story of all those who have worn it before. The color, the marks, and the patina are all the result of a watch well worn and a life well lived. 

But these wooden watches don’t just tell the story of one wearer, they tell the story of all of them, changing and growing just as the people who bring them along for the ride. What could be better than that?  

5. They’re Natural

Another great thing about wooden watches? They’re made of natural, hypoallergenic materials that look great and feel great on your skin. After all, who needs skin irritation ruining your day?

This means wooden watches are great for those with skin sensitivities. However, their natural construction is also great for everyone else as well because it gives a smoother feel with less pinching than many metal watches. 

A nice fringe benefit: the natural materials help ground us and connect us to our environment. In a world where everything is plastic and steel, a wooden watch is a nice reminder of our roots. 

6. They’re Engravable

So, did the other points sell you on why you should wear a wooden watch? Well, this might sell you on why you should get one for others to wear. 

Unlike some metals and other materials, wood is easily engraved to making wooden watches a fantastic gift for other people. Looking for special his and hers watches? Trying to find a gift for your partner or maybe a parent? Look no further. 

A picture’s worth a thousand words though, luckily you can engrave that on wood, too. To take advantage of watch engraving here at Urban Designer, just email us your image and give us 2-4 business days. 

Once you receive the final product, we’re confident you and the gift receiver will both be telling others even more reasons for why you should try wood grain watches.

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