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Best Personalized Gifts for Son: Engraved Wooden Watches

gifts for son engraved wood watches by urban designer

When it comes to gift-giving, there isn’t always a clear choice. Some people are infamously picky and difficult to shop for, and sons tend to be at the top of the list. So, if you’re left scratching your head, trying to figure out what to buy yours right now, know you’re far from alone. But there are a few go-to personalized gifts for son that even the most particular gift-getters will thoroughly appreciate, and engraved wood watches are among the best of the best. Read on to learn a little bit more about their different variations and find a few that might prove to be the ideal present for your son from you.


 1. Chronograph Wooden Watches

While chronograph watches have been around for quite a long time now – since the 1800s, in fact – many people are still a little confused about what they are. Let’s clear that up right now. Chronograph watches are a specific type of watch with a separate functionality on top of its traditional timekeeping. These gadgets essentially combine this with stopwatch capabilities, using a sub-dial (or multiple sub-dials depending on the specific watch and brand in question) to show elapsed time and a pressure sensitivity stem or button to control the feature. This is super convenient for anybody but is particularly ideal for sons who are athletes, bakers, or generally need a timer at home or work.

But what about wooden watches? Can some of them be categorized as chronograph watches, or have they been left behind? Well, it varies drastically. Chronograph wooden watches are perhaps a little less common than one might expect, but there are still several great options on the market – including ones offered by us here at Urban Designer. Looking for a good recommendation? Here are a few of our best-selling options that we think you’ll love.

Square Zebra Chronograph – Modern, masculine, and a little sleek, this square-faced chronograph watch will look fantastic on your son’s wrist while also being practical. The zebrawood is as comfortable as it is beautiful, and the stopwatch is extremely easy to use with just a pull of the crown. And bonus? The contrasting red detailing, face texture, and three sub-dials will ensure his style always stands out from the crowd. 

Wood and Stainless Steel Chronograph – For guys who appreciate something a little more basic, you can’t go wrong with this wooden watch option. Toned-down but not overly simplistic, the white face and dark wood provide a clean and casual aesthetic, while the chronograph function gives plenty of usability. There’s little better than that. 

Zebra Wood and Leather Chronograph – Is your son big on both style and comfort? This zebra wood chronograph watch will likely be a big hit. Much like its square counterpart, there are tons of contrasting colors and textures here with light wood, a dark face, and red accents. Although, this one makes use of a premium leather band for a remarkably smooth, comfortable fit. 


 2. Minimalist Wooden Watches

personalized gifts for son-wood watches

Where the chronograph watch is all about kicking things up a notch and giving you extra features, minimalist wooden watches are generally all about paring things back. But they don’t do this in a regressive way, sacrificing looks and function for no good reason. Instead, they choose to focus on getting the basics right, putting all their attention towards quality craftsmanship, proper fit, and subtle, thoughtful design. 

Of course, there are still ways to jazz up these watches while still maintaining their minimalist leanings. Engraving immediately comes to mind, giving any timepiece a unique twist that can still be as uncomplicated or flashy as you want. Perhaps more importantly, though, engraving is also an excellent option for any parent who wants to make their gift a little more personal and special. It’s going the extra mile, and it always means a lot. 


Minimalist Ebony with Leather Band – For the true minimalist aesthetic devotee, you can’t go wrong with this ebony engraved wooden watch. Constructed from reclaimed natural bamboo and featuring heavily contrasting woods, it’s made to stand the test of time when it comes to both style and durability. It’ll be just as great a decade from now as it is today, serving your son well no matter what comes his way. 


Dark Wood Swiss Movement – Essentially the black coffee of the wooden watch world, this dark wood option is unassuming but also sophisticated at the same time. There’s little to distract here, which makes it a fantastic base for any further personalization. Engrave it with a personal message, meaningful coordinates or date, or even an image to spice it up without taking away its elegant charm. 


Cosmos Scaleless Magnetic – While this one isn’t an engraved wooden watch, it is one of our favorite general minimalist offerings. Why? Because this one truly takes that to the next level, trading the traditional mechanical design a magnetic, scaleless one. Functionality-wise, it takes a little getting used to, but it’s endlessly cool, and an absolute statement piece any trendy son will adore. 


3. Eco-Friendly Mechanical Wooden Watches

We may love the Cosmos because it pushes the envelope and trades tradition for something new, but there’s something to be said for traditional, mechanical watches. These things have certainly been around the block. They are the standard and have been pretty consistent since the watch was first invented. What exactly are they? Basically, they’re one of the watch types you probably think of when you hear the word “watch.” 

These timepieces use a clockwork mechanism to track and show the time, as opposed to quartz movement offerings that use batteries and are synchronized to an atomic clock. Some may claim them outdated or unnecessary now that electronic offerings are the norm, but these old school options still have incredible value regardless of this. There’s a certain quality and character to them that you just can’t get anywhere else, a dedication to tradition and craftsmanship that would be a shame to lose. And you can keep it going strong by choosing to give an engraved wooden mechanical watch as a gift today. Unsure which to choose? We’ve got a couple of favorites for you to peruse.


Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch – Mechanical watches may be all about the gears and other moving bits inside, but that doesn’t mean they’ve got to be completely removed from nature. This option proves that, combining automatic mechanics with natural dark sandalwood for a balanced accessory. However, to make this eco-friendly option even better, don’t forget to make it an engraved wooden watch. The minute extra effort really goes a long way.


Handcrafted and Eco-Friendly Mechanical Watch – Do you like the overall look of the previous recommendation but want something just a touch different? His handcrafted mechanical option is here to please. It’s got the same general format, including exposed skeleton, large, silver numbering, and edgy aesthetic, but the wood’s completely different. Trading the dark, single-toned choice, this watch uses both light and mid-toned woods for a natural, industrial vibe that’ll quickly become your son’s favorite.
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