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Introducing the Cosmos – Our One-of-a-Kind Minimalist, Scaleless Magnetic Wooden Watch

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If there’s one thing true about fashion, it’s that it never stops evolving. Styles come and go, circling about but changing along the way, and new ideas always somehow find themselves becoming tomorrow’s classics. It’s the very nature of how it all operates, and the same remains true for watches. They can’t stay the same. They need to grow to meet the times and needs of those who wear them. We wholeheartedly recognize this, and our response was to make something to honor this spirit. Want a sneak peek? Keep reading to learn a bit about our new Cosmos wood watch.


Invention and Innovation

As a brand, one of Urban Designer’s primary missions is always to be different. While we are committed to crafting watches, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories that can quickly become staple pieces in just about anybody’s wardrobe, we never do this by producing boring, average, or standard jewelry. 

We instead focus on creating everyday jewelry with a little bit of a twist – some aspect of form or function that distinguishes even our most minimalist pieces above the rest. Innovation and ingenuity are the names of the game for everything we develop. Still, we believe we’ve really pushed those boundaries with one of the newest products in our lineup: the Cosmos. 

The Cosmos is essentially a watch like you’ve never seen before. Unlike most every watch has been since their invention, it doesn’t use a normal face, typical hour and minute hands, or any of the traditional mechanisms that you’re likely somewhat familiar with. Instead, it uses revolutionary magnetic technology to help you tell the time, the magnetic force allowing two ball bearings to travel individually along specially made tracks. 

These then act as your hour and minute hands – although significantly more elevated and interesting ones – the outer bearing functioning as the former and the inner as the latter. The result is a watch that looks, feels, and acts completely different to almost everything else on the market. Driven by magnetism and inspired by the moon and our Earth, it’s an ideal combination of nature and technology.


Minimal Meet Modern

The Cosmos truly is a unique accessory, one that feels entirely distinct from anything else our artisans and watchmakers at Urban Designer have ever made before. To create it was to take an approach few have ever bothered to, and we’re glad that we did. Why? Because this scaleless dark wood watch looks incredible – even better in real life than in pictures. 

It generates an impact few other pieces can thanks to its total left-field but contemporary design. Cosmos hits all the notes you want. It’s minimal in the best of ways, refusing to hide behind a bunch of extra gadgets, dials, or loud extras. Everything unnecessary is cut from it, leaving nothing to distract from its construction. All it has got is two ball bearings and their tracks, but you need nothing else. 

You might expect the minimalism to make it dull, yet it actually achieves the opposite. The Cosmos then leaves you with a compelling design – the rich wood in the center of the display and purely circular shapes make it feel organic and zen, but the metallic finish of the ball bearings and dark matte bezel/case giving it a contemporary and slightly edgy appearance. In the end, it all adds up to one slick-looking piece that can stand out in a crowd but also perfectly blend in with all of your favorite outfits. It’s modern, flexible styling at its best, to be sure. 


The Same Quality You Love

The design of the Cosmos magnetic watch may be something new to you, but make no mistake: it still has the same excellent quality you’ve come to love. Made by expert craftsmen like the rest of our Urban Designer products, you can rest assured that this thing is built to last, something compounded by the high-quality materials that’ve gone into the design. With Japanese movement, hardy construction, and strong magnetic tech, timekeeping will remain precise year after year, and breakage will be the last thing on your mind, ensuring your timepiece will remain a trusty companion far into the future. 

Speaking of materials, it also bears to mention that all the typical UD ones haven’t gone anywhere in this new offering. 100% reclaimed wood continues to be the very centerpiece and foundation of the watch, sustainably source, expertly crafted, and carefully shaped. This gives it the same integrity and wearability as all of your other favorite watches and rings. So, it’ll age just as it should, developing a beautiful, individualized patina over time yet stay easy to maintain and super straightforward to style.

Love your leather? That makes a reappearance in the Cosmos, too, in the shape of our premium leather wristband. About 1.02” wide and 8.66” long, it guarantees a customized, comfy fit every time. Regardless of whether it’s right out of the box or you’ve worn it almost daily for the past decade, your wrist will stay happy, and so will you. And this can only get better as the months and years progress, the leather becoming more supple and smooth with every passing day. Longevity and comfort? Why would you wait to jump on that any longer?

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