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Wooden Jewelry:
Handcrafted to Perfection

Throughout the last century, we as a people have gotten further and further away from the old order of things. Tradition has given way to rapid change, time-consuming creation has been traded for convenient, fast fashion, and simple materials have largely been ousted for more complex or man-made ones. This is not to say that progress and modernity is all bad or should be shunned, but it is important to recognize what we are losing when we turn our backs on the old way of doing things. Luckily, more and more people actually are understanding this and have chosen to embrace some of the things we seem to have forgotten. Wooden jewelry is one of these things that has had a major resurgence in the past few years with rising numbers of people looking for something authentic and ancient that we simply can’t seem to find in our current way of living.

A More Ancient Way

Why exactly would one turn to wooden jewelry? Well, one of the major reasons is that people tend to feel disconnected from our past as humans, as a people. Ancient history may be mostly lost to and on us, but wooden jewelry is a small way of embracing it and bringing it into our daily lives. After all, wooden jewelry is widely considered to be some of the most ancient jewelry on record and a major hallmark of humanity. By wearing wooden jewelry, you are choosing to celebrate this and foster a connection with those thousands upon thousands of years in the past. Not only this, but wearing wooden jewelry is an excellent way to strengthen a connection with nature – something often lost in our mostly concrete and steel world. It functions as an important, significant reminder that we are indeed forever a part of the natural world and it is forever a part of us.

Modern Healing

While this connection with the past is a lovely practice for sentimental, emotional reasons, it’s also extremely practical. Wood and other natural elements are healing. They stimulate the mind, the spirit, and the body in ways that we have been lost with time. For example, rosewood has long been used to calm nervousness, improve headaches, and foster a warmer, more relaxed mood with its soft and woodsy scent. Spiritually, it has also been linked to increasing feelings of compassion and improving intuitive health. Despite all of this, rosewood isn’t the only one with healing benefits. All different types of wood have all sorts of effects on physical and spiritual well-being. Birch has been linked to purity and prosperity, zebra wood has been associated with luck, creativity, and prosperity, and Bubinga has been said to bring positive change and courage with its use.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in this fact though, wood jewelry is still very nice and grounding, which in itself can provide benefits in and of itself. With our fast pace of life and constant state of anxiety, that grounding effect is more important than ever. Adding a few pieces of wooden jewelry to your collection can only be a benefit – to your body, to your mind, and yes, even to your fashion sense. What’s not to love about that?

Wood Jewelry for Today

While the ancient wooden jewelry of yore is unavailable to us, one can still easily implement it into their daily lives. Wood jewelry is at a peak of popularity right now unseen for several decades if not longer. This means that well-constructed and beautifully designed pieces are widely available and perfect for the modern wearer. Whether you’re looking for a wooden watch, bracelet, necklace, or a perfect pair of earrings, you’ll find a piece that works for you and your tastes. Here are some of our top favorites here at Urban Designer.

Wood and Brushed Stainless Steel Watch

Handmade Wooden Necklace Long Leather Pendant

When people think of wooden watches, they might think about overly simplistic, chunky ones that might clash with a more stylish aesthetic. This watch is proof that more natural jewelry can still be tasteful, slick, and modern. Made with a stunning combination of zebra wood and brushed stainless steel, this Urban Designer piece will connect you to nature but make sure you still look good along the way. It’s also scratchproof and splash-resistant for easy wear.

Tulip Wooden Watch for Women

best wooden watches by urban designer

Equal parts sophisticated and down-to-earth, this UD wooden watch is perfect for promoting a calm and graceful state of mind while staying plenty stylish. It’s also small and delicate, perfect for embracing a more feminine energy. Looking to further promote a certain emotion or attitude? Enhance it by engraving a meaningful intention or image on your new watch.

Handmade Rosewood Tag and Chain

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

Masculine, edgy, natural, and healing probably don’t sound like they go together, but they certainly do in this wooden necklace. Made with sleek Palisander Rosewood and shiny stainless steel, this tag and chain is great for centering you, boosting your masculine energy, and improve your mood all at once.

Men’s Wood Inlay Polished Tungsten Magnetic Link Bracelet

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

Even if your style tastes differ, this bracelet is an ideal Valentine’s gift for your man. Sure to up his style game with its masculine design and polished shine, he’ll appreciate you looking out for him. He won’t just love the look though, he’ll also love how durable it is. Expect it to last for many, many Valentine’s Days to come.

Urban Designer Wooden Earring Collection

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

Watches, bracelets, and necklaces aren’t the only way to foster a connection with our more ancient, natural roots. Our Urban Designer earrings are also great for that! All our styles are a mixture of sophisticated, feminine, and fun – and are overall a perfect fit for any wardrobe and tastes. They are also handcrafted from beautiful, sturdy reclaimed woods that will bring you a little closer to the natural world we exist within.


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