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Corporate Gifts On A Mission

best corporate gifts from urban deisgner

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

Thank you gifts are a way of giving back to the people who make your company run: employees, clients, and partners. But corporate gifts are more than just good HR policy or ways to keep clients and partners happy. If chosen thoughtfully, they can reinforce your brand and strengthen your community. As you’re selecting employee appreciation or other corporate gifts this year, consider these steps.

Start with your mission.

Instead of starting with what color the gift should be or where the logo should be placed, first ask yourself: What’s the mission of your company? What need in the world does your company fill? Match your corporate gifts to your company’s mission to reinforce that mission for your employees and clients.

Consider your company’s values.

Include things like equity, equality, and inclusion; sustainability; and community involvement. Make sure that the gifts you choose are aligned with these values. Employees will notice if you walk the talk of what you say your values are. When the company demonstrates its values in every action it takes, even corporate gifts, those values are strengthened at every level of the company.

Know your employees and clients.

One of the good feelings about receiving a gift is the feeling of being known - your tastes, your needs, your experiences, and what you enjoy. Choose gifts for employees with real value to the employees so that the gift giving treats them as a whole person and therefore becomes a chance to build employee loyalty to the company. Finding a unique gift is a great idea (i.e., Unless your business is a coffee shop, don’t give coffee mugs with your logo on them! You can do better.)

Overlay your brand.

The last step in choosing a corporate gift is to make sure that the branding (ie color, design, feel) matches your company’s. When you choose a gift that aligns with your mission, values, and employees, they will be more likely to enjoy the gift and will be proud to show it off to others in their communities. This is a sign of a good gift and a branding opportunity.

These corporate gifts are sure to surprise your employees and Clients.

Engraved wooden watches

corporate gifts- engraved wooden watches


Personalized engraved wooden watches by Urban Designer are a great personalized business gift idea for many companies. Urban Designer’s wood watches would match corporate missions of providing high-quality, down-to-earth, and personalized care of employees and clients. These gifts are high-quality, sustainable, and designed and hand-engraved in the USA. The wooden watches are available for men and women and are styled for professional and casual settings. The personalized engraving can include text and images, like a company logo!

Set 12 Cocoa Gift Mugs

Set 12 Cocoa Gift Mugs

A fabulous keepsake and way to say Thank You than with this quality 11 oz mug with "Thanks For All You Do" printed in gold satin on both sides, delivered right to their door,for the coffee lover. Perfect for men, and woman. Consider as a perfect  corporate thank you for business, referrals and more. Check it out...

Barnett's Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

Barnett's Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

Present an elegant gift that is sure to please all. Whether you’re conveying a gesture of gratitude, sharing a thoughtful wish of remembrance, or simply your own deserving palate, sending a Barnetts Fine Biscotti Gift Box is the best way you can express your feelings with all your clients, colleagues, customers and those very special acquaintances. Our classy gift box includes twelve gourmet chocolate and fruit/nut topped biscotti handmade from premium ingredients, delicious down to the last crumb. This is a gift that is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed and well remembered. This is the perfect gift - delightful inside and out. Check it out...

Dockem Executive Pen with Gift Box

business gifts for employees

3 in 1 professional executive stylus pen offers the best of both worlds. A premium ultra-sensitive capacitive microfiber cloth knit stylus combined with 2 different colored ballpoint pens makes this a must have tool for anyone who regularly finds themselves using both digital input on touchscreens as well as paper writing. This is perfect business gift idea. Check it out ... 

Handmade Business Briefcase

best corporate gifts for clients

This Portfolio is the perfect business gift for clients and employees.  Organize the business cards, important documents, loose pages, letters, pencils, leaflets, photos & all sorts of other stuff with ease. The folder has a variety of A4 size pocket, elastic band to provide you with all kinds of convenience. It provides personalized Name, Initials and Logo engraving services.Check it out ! 

Make employee appreciation gifts and other corporate gifts something more than just another mug or keychain. By spending a little more time (but not necessarily more money) coming up with your corporate gift ideas, you can support your mission, values, and brand and build loyalty among your employees.

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