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Minimal Made Magnetic: An In-Depth Look at the New Cosmos Wood Watch

Cosmos Minimalist Dark Wood Dial Scaleless Magnetic Wooden Watch

Here at Urban Designer, we’re committed to three things: craftsmanship, creativity, and practicality. Our goal is to always keep you on your toes, striving to create classics – and soon to be classics – that are stylish, durable, and comfortable for years to come. This means we’re constantly brainstorming ideas for new designs that will checkmark all these boxes while providing something that’s as unique and sustainable as our customers have come to expect from us. The latest product in our line-up? Meet the Cosmos Minimalist Dark Wood Dial Scaleless Magnetic Wooden Watch, the newest in our collection of minimalist wooden watches. We think you’re bound to like it. Here’s an in-depth look at its design, features, and benefits.

Simplicity, Redesigned

minimalist watch by urban designer

Right from the moment you open the box, it’s easy to see that our Cosmos watch is something special. It’s immediately striking and one-of-a-kind. Most notably, it lacks all the usual accoutrements most people expect from a timepiece. It has no numbers, hands, gears, or other clear markings. It’s as simple and uncluttered as it gets. In place of all these typical watch bits, we’ve replaced it all with something truly bare-bones: a straightforward ring of warm, dark wood and two ball bearings. How exactly does that work?

Well, instead of using expected gears, our Cosmos scaleless minimalist watch makes use of revolutionary magnetic technology to help you tell time. Gravitational pull is used to its advantage, almost magically driving the dial. The ball bearings then reflect this, with one on the outer track to essentially function as the hour hand and another on the inner track to function as the minute hand. Seems simple, yes? It is, but it’s also one of our biggest (and we believe best) design breakthroughs thus far. It’s incredibly distinguished, stylish, and luxurious, something that no doubt stands out from a crowd. But it’s also practical and high-effective, just as efficient and long-lasting as our other wood watches. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds.

Utilitarian Meets Industrial

minimalist watches for men -  Urban Designer

As you can tell just with a glance, Cosmos is a watch that doesn’t shy away from its utilitarian roots. In fact, it embraces them by simplifying the entire watch experience down as far as possible. However, that doesn’t mean it sacrifices in the looks department. Aesthetically, it’s a modern, handsome piece that looks just as good as it functions. Making use of a matte-black case and dark leather strap with contrast stitching, the watch is simultaneously minimal while sexy and sleek. The central rung of wood also helps in this area, warming up the Cosmos’ appearance and giving it that now-timeless industrial style. 

Although, this industrial-meets-utilitarian vibe doesn’t just come from superficial appearances. The actual materials that have gone into this piece of jewelry also pull a lot of the weight. Just as it’s a mixture of cool, dark tones and slightly lighter, warm ones, matte-finish, and a more rugged one, the watch also utilizes both sustainable wood and genuine leather. Seemingly at odds on the surface, the two materials both contrast, and compliment. The soft, more worked-over leather and the natural character of the reclaimed wood combine to create something well-balanced, cool and masculine alongside the polished silver of the ball bearings. Equal parts edgy yet muted, it’s a style that will always impress.


Useable, Wearable, and Comfortable

The technology and appearance may be new, but the experience of wearing it is completely unchanged. As with all our other wooden watches and accessories, comfort is approached as a priority – not an afterthought. Cosmos is beautiful to look at, however; it feels just as great on the wrist. The watchstrap is soft and supple, and the wood case is perfectly polished to ensure it feels smooth against your wrist, no matter how long you wear it. Carefully contoured, there should also be no digging in, no pressure points to keep you away from your new favorite watch.

Beyond just the physical comfort built-in, we’ve also made sure to give you all the same peace of mind as with our other products. The wood is still 100% recycled and sustainable, meaning your environmental impact is low and your watch will only look (and feel) better with age. And as for wearability? Cosmos is covered on that front, too. It’s hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and super durable, so you won’t have to worry about ruining it anytime soon. Just keep it on your wrist or in a case, and you’ll still be wearing it years from now.

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