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Perfect Gifts for Father and Son

gifts for father

When it comes to holidays, we tend to love the ones that involve gift-giving. After all, there’s little better than getting something new, barring seeing the look on someone’s face whenever you hand them a present that they absolutely love. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t need a holiday to spread a little bit of cheer and show our appreciation. 

Gratitude (and a few accompanying gifts here and there) should be freely given any time you feel the pull to it, especially for those people we tend to take for granted more than some or who don’t get a lot of airtime when it comes to visible thankfulness. Dads and sons are two who definitely fall within this category. So, today, find something nice for them to show you care. Need a little help with ideas? Here are a handful of gifts ideal for both. 


Quality Wallet

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a gift for your dad, your kid, or both since each is likely carrying whatever budget wallet they found on the big box store shelves. For them, function probably comes before literally anything else. If it holds what they need, they’re going to carry it without a complaint. But they deserve better. A wallet shouldn’t be a begrudging necessity; it should be something they actively want to carry. 


Help them see this and up their wallet game by gifting them with an option that’s high-quality and complements their style more than a bulky, generic brown bifold ever will. Some of our favorites include the Ridge, the Dango Dapper, and the Fantom R, just to name a few. All come with a lifetime warranty, are made with premium materials, and can carry everything they need yet look good while doing it. Pick whatever seems to suit them best, and they’ll count it as one of their favorite presents for years to come. 


Engraved Wooden Watches

Cufflinks and wallets are both excellent choices when you’re trying to think up a nice present for father and son alike. However, they’re each limited in their own ways. Wallets are great because they get a lot of use and thus will get a lot of appreciation, but few people truly see them except the man carrying them. Not a lot of opportunity to show them off, then. Meanwhile, cufflinks are details that’ll often catch people’s eyes when at a fancy function, but they’re not used often unless your dad or son is a high-powered executive type — yet engraved wooden watches? They don’t suffer either of these problems.

gifts for dad-engraved wood watches

Instead, these natural jewelry pieces can readily be worn nearly any day and in any situation, whether a regular day at the office, a huge event or a lazy day on the couch. They’ll capture plenty of attention with each wear, will be super personal and comfortable, and will provide plenty of practical use at the same time. And bonus, if you buy a wood watch from our catalog here at Urban Designer, it’ll also be sustainable, durable, and only better with age, making it not only a great gift for your dad or son but anybody you want to see smile just a little brighter. 


Custom Cufflinks

Getting dressed to the nines and out the door for an important event can seem like a chore, but some love it. Charity functions, corporate parties, balls, fancy company dinners, and all manner of high-end gatherings – each one is an excuse to show off the best version of yourself and look the part, too. Have a dad or son that fits the bill? Then look no further for a perfect gift than a pair of custom cufflinks. 

Custom Cufflinks

Available from quality suiters to independent Etsy shops and in a variety of price ranges, you’ll be sure to find a cufflink that always complements. Stainless steel, gold, leather, and wood cufflinks are all up for grabs and widely engravable/easily personalized. So, be sure to do a little shopping around first before committing and trying to feel out what falls within your dad or son’s individual tastes. They’ll be extra touched that you put in the effort and will almost certainly use your gift more frequently as a result. 


Personalized Watch Stand

Love the idea of treating father and/or son to a new wooden watch but want a small extra something to go along with it? Or perhaps you already bought your favorite guy one of our sustainable timepieces a while back? If so, no worries! There’s one more gift that’ll be ideal for the circumstances and should immediately earn its spot at the top of your gift-giving wishlist. Our recommendation? A personalized watch stand.

It’s not an obvious necessity; however, it is an accessory that will be well-used and beloved, nonetheless. It provides the perfect space for your son or father to keep his wooden watch safe and sound out of harm’s way when not being worn, potentially saving it from being doomed to an early grave. Some out there are even multifunctional, having designated space for not just a watch but also a phone, keys, glasses, or more, working as a fantastic organizational tool all around. Of course, on top of functional, it’s also exceptionally thoughtful. Engrave it with your father’s name or son’s initials, customize it with a significant date, or whatever else jumps out as meaningful for a unique twist he’s sure to appreciate. 

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