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The Benefits of Basic: Why to Choose Minimalist Wood Watches

Minimalist watches

Wood watches have grown significantly in popularity over the last decade. Where they were once relatively niche and uncommon, these organic timepieces have become the new trendy thing seemingly everyone wants – and indeed, have increasingly taken to wearing. However, a good percentage of the watches on peoples’ wrists – wood or otherwise – are still anything but natural-looking, more flashy and stylized than toned-down and neutral. 

Not necessarily a problem, but there’s still a lot to be said about quiet, refined aesthetics. Not fully convinced yourself? Keep reading for four reasons why minimalist wood watches are the way to go and why basic can sometimes be the most beneficial. 


1. They’re Incredibly Versatile

When it comes to a good outfit, balance is always the answer – something that’s not always easy to achieve. After all, just one clothing item or accessory can throw off everything else, making you look unpolished rather than expressively put together. Thankfully, having enough neutrals to offset pops of color can keep this at bay, and more minimalist wood watches are a simple yet effective way to welcome more of this into your style. 

Their natural grain and warm tones stand out without overpowering, and you can always rest assured they’ll never clash due to their natural versatility. They’re an ideal way to pull together any outfit, regardless of whether you’re dressed to the nines in formal wear or relaxed in your weekend wear. Regular metal watches or more designed wood watches simply can’t match up.


2. They’re Inherently Practical

If you look around in our society right now, it doesn’t seem terribly off base to say that appearances reign supreme. Fast fashion is irrefutable proof of this, pumping out the newest, shiniest aesthetics at record speed while caring little about how quickly they’ll either fall out of favor or fall apart. And watches have fallen victim to this as well, big-name brands constantly pushing for new design, disregarding how said design will inevitably get tossed aside in a few months or even possibly hinder use. 

That not sit right with you? Opting for a more minimalistic wood watch is a smart choice as it’s specially crafted to put more of the focus on practicality and less on superficiality. Of course, your wood watch will still look good; a minimalist option will merely ensure that fashion will never trump function. 


3. They’re (Typically) More Eco-Friendly

Wooden watches are well loved for a variety of reasons. Aesthetics are obviously one of the more obvious ones, but their impact on the planet is probably the second most common. This is due to the fact that wooden jewelry of all kinds is more sustainable than its metal counterparts. They generate less waste during production and almost always rely on ethically sourced materials for construction, buying from sustainable forests (or in the case of our wood accessories here at Urban Designer), only using 100% reclaimed wood is product creation. 

But as much of an eco-friendly edge these practices give wood watches over metal, minimalist wood watches usually take this further yet. More straightforward, focused design means less labor and materials, ultimately resulting in improved environmental impact. 


4. They’re Often More Inexpensive

You’ve probably already noticed it just going about your daily life, but things are definitely more expensive than they used to be. From food to rent to the daily essentials and beyond, everything has skyrocketed thanks to the ever-moving chug of inflation. Jewelry has also seen a severe hike in costs, and it’s apparent as soon as you go on the hunt for a wood watch. 

This can make the sustainable accessory cost-prohibitive for those whose coffers aren’t quite as well supplied. Although, the more pared-down yet sleek aesthetics of minimalist versions can remove this barrier since simplicity’s often priced lower. Increased versatility for a more affordable price? That sounds like more than a fair deal to us.


Summing It All Up

The watch has long been a collective trusty friend, keeping us on time and adding that subtle addition to make us look our best. Wood watches have taken this one step further, elevating the well-known timepiece to something more contemporary and trendy.

Yet, they still commonly fall victim to the pitfalls plaguing the more traditional metal watch. Insert minimalist wood watches. Streamlined, simplified, and made with minimal flash, these accessories offer something more versatile, practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly while still getting the job done (and done well). They may be basic, but they’re one of the best jewelry buys you could make.

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