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2022 Groomsmen Gift Guide

groomsmen gifts

We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know, but weddings are a lot of work. Even after you get all of the big things done - after you and your partner have (finally) settled on a date, the attire has been purchased, and the venue has been officially booked - there’s still a million things left on your plate. Buying gifts for groomsmen in your wedding party is a particular one that often proves to be a bit of a struggle.

After all, you don’t want to get them just anything! You want their gift to be something special but usable, something that won’t just end up sitting somewhere in their homes collecting dust. Wracking your brain for an idea that hits all the markers but are coming up empty? Let us make the decision a little easier. Read along for our top groomsmen gift suggestions for 2022.


Best Luxury Item: Combined Wood And Stainless Steel Watch

Jewelry can be a difficult gift to get. Of course, it has nothing to do with availability. You can find a decent option at just about any store or specialty shop, either online or in-person. The problem is instead finding an attractive, elegant, modern option that won’t completely break the bank. Luckily for you, this luxury wooden watch hits on all those points and more.

 Groomsmen Gifts - Mens Wooden Watch Luxury Wood & Stainless Steel Combined Watch Band

Comprised of both beautiful, mid-toned zebra wood and a matte-finish stainless steel, the watch feels uniquely contemporary, sophisticated, and ultra-sleek. Also handcrafted with long-lasting materials by professional artisans, it’s an indulgence that’s genuinely made to last. Any groomsmen who gets this before the wedding should consider themselves honored -- we know we certainly would.


Best  for Travel: Personalized Eco-friendly Cork Wallets

While not true for all weddings, most of them are likely to involve some amount of travel. And even if yours doesn’t, business and personal reasons might be inclined to sweep your groomsmen away from home at some point or another. Help them be prepared by gifting them this personalized eco friendly wallet.


Natural cork card wallet 5 slot card holder and 1 section for coins. Made out of high-quality cork. Easy to clean. you can just wash it under water or wipe it off with wet tissue. Eco Friendly, sustainable, biodegrade, plant based.


Best for Minimalists: UXD Minimalist Groomsmen Watch

Time flies when you’re having fun, but it also has a bad habit of making a quick exit whenever there’s work to be had. And whenever you’re preparing to tie the knot, there’s always stuff that’ll be keeping your wedding party busy. Don’t want them to completely lose track of the hours ticking by? The UXD Minimalist Groomsmen Watch is here to lend a hand (or 6, actually in this case). 

 groomsmen watches-wooden watches-groomsmen gift.jpg

With built-in chronograph functionality and a Miyota quartz movement, it’s an excellent all-around timekeeper that’s super accurate and smooth. However, rest assured that looks are not an afterthought to construction. A dark wood watch face, no-frills design, and beautiful whisky-colored band give it a modern, minimal look most folks will love. 


Personalized Groomsmen Gifts: Custom Men Toiletry Bags

Amazing Items waterproof canvas and leatherette toiletry bags are customizable and perfect for your groomsmen..

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts, Custom Men Toiletry Bags

This exceptional toiletry travel bag by emissary is made of canvas and leatherette, which is known for its lightweight yet durable qualities, the perfect combination for traveling. This specific material is water resistant, making it safe for use in environments where it may become wet. Making this the perfect bathroom bag, shaving bag, and travel dopp kit.


Best Everyday Buy: Custom Metal Cardholder Wallet

Everyone loves to spend money buying nice things, but no one actually loves to reach into their pockets and pay. Unfortunately, we can’t change how purchasing works in this country, but we can recommend your groomsmen a wallet they’ll be happy to show off. Enter stage: the Amazing Items custom metal cardholder.

 Groomsmen Gifts, Personalized Groomsmen Proposal Gifts, Groomsman Gift for Wedding

Similar to the famous Ridge wallet, it’s a slim cardholder that’s durable, RFID-blocking, and a joy to carry. Fifteen credit cards can easily be slotted in, and around ten folded bills can fit in the attached money clip, making this metal wallet an ideal EDC for any wedding party member. It also comes laser-engraved for ultimate personalization (we highly recommend design 5!), and it comes in sets of up to 6 for easy one-stop-shop buying.


Best All-in-One: Groomsmen Wedding Party Box Set

Handy little multi-tools and cardholder wallets are sure to be pretty big hits with your groomsmen. But sometimes, you just want something with a bit more panache and have the budget to accommodate. If that’s the case for you, look no further than the Groomsmen Wedding Party Box Set.

 Groomsman Proposal Wedding Party Box Set

This thing really does have it all. Very fancy stainless steel hip flask? Check. Vintage-style sunnies? Check. Small drink measurement/shot glasses, metal straw, and can cooler are here, too. All of this even comes in a gorgeous rosewood box and cheesy tuxedo gift bag for maximum impact, guaranteeing your groomsmen won’t forget your wedding anytime soon.


Best for the Style-Savvy: UXD Eco-Friendly Mechanical Watch

Look, we know that we’ve already included two wood watches on this list. But, if you haven’t noticed, watches are kind of our thing, and this is UXD Mechanical option is well-worth mentioning. Why? Because it’s aesthetic, eco-friendly, and destined to get a “wow” out of even the gruffest of your groomsmen.

UXD Premium Eco-Friendly Manual Mechanical Wood Watch For Men

Unlike the other wood accessories we’ve already gone over, this one is manual, which means no batteries are required. Here, the gears do all the work, and they’re uber reliable. But even better, they make this watch incredibly handsome. The mechanisms on display give it a masculine, industrial look that some others lack, providing just the right amount of rugged style to make any groomsman stand out from the crowd.
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