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Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

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Groomsmen are an essential part of a wedding celebration. These gentlemen are close friends of the groom and have been with him for years, through thick and thin, and have shared the thrills and challenges of manhood. The groom's wedding is a special time when groomsmen show their support for him and join the celebration of his new life. To show appreciation for all the wonderful years of friendship they have had together, grooms select a memorable, timeless gift for his groomsmen.

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At Urban Designer, we're proud to offer a number of classy groomsmen gifts. Our custom wood watches are a great way for the groom to thank his friends for standing by his side on such an important day in his life. Take advantage of the coupon codes above and place your order today!

Groomsmen Wood Watches On Sale

Our customers say

Beautiful craftsmanship!

I have ordered 8 of those watches for my groomsmen. They looks so great with nice engravings. Thank you Urban Designer!

- Zach H. -