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The Average Wedding Ring Cost

the Average Wedding Ring Price

No matter whether you’re single, getting married, or have already been there, done that, everyone knows that weddings cost a pretty penny. Everything takes a decent amount of cash, from the invites to the flowers to the dress, cake, food, and more. Even the most modest weddings still aren’t particularly cheap. At a certain point, the prices all seem to blur together into a big mishmash of expensive, but it’s critical to know how much individual items cost so you can at least attempt to reign in your budget to a (slightly less) painful level. One of the best places to start? The wedding rings. Here’s how much the average wedding ring costs, how much you should truly spend on them, and even a few options that might be worth perusing.


The Cost of the Rings

Let’s just say it straight from the get-go – wedding rings tend to be pretty pricey. On the bright side, they are almost always cheaper than engagement rings, something that certain stats have pegged to cost around five grand (or even higher!) on average. However, considering that most people could take a lengthy, relaxing vacation for cheaper, the jury’s out on how objectively encouraging that statistic actually is. That then begs the question, exactly how expensive are most wedding rings? According to a 2019 US study conducted by the good folks at, the average price is about $1100 for women and about $510 for men. If that figure sends a slight shiver down your spine, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The disparity between the two ring types are rather large, but that doesn’t change the fact that both are extremely expensive for everyone and anyone who doesn’t have excessive amounts of disposable income – which is the vast majority of Americans. So, why exactly are they so expensive? Part of it has to do with the materials from which they are made. The most popular are white gold and tungsten, neither of which could be considered a cheap material. But part of it is also based on craftsmanship and seller markup. The more intricate the work, the “fancier” the brand, the greater the expense.


How Much Should You Spend?

Now that you understand the real costs of wedding rings, you’re probably wondering if you “have” to stick to this range. The answer, as you could probably guess, is absolutely not. Once upon a time, you were expected to spend anywhere from one to even three months’ worth of your salary on an engagement ring and still a big chunk of change on your wedding rings. But this was a WWII era rule that was created to try and stimulate the sinking industry. It’s unnecessary, unhelpful, and thoroughly outdated in an era where wages have stagnated, cost of living continues to soar, and the ring industry is booming. It need not bear any weight on how much you choose to spend on your rings. What does matter is your priorities and how comfortable you feel with your budget – that’s it. If you don’t feel comfortable spending a grand on the jewelry when you could spend that somewhere else (like on your honeymoon, saving up for a house, preparing for kids, etc.), then that’s okay. You can spend a tenth of the price and still find amazing, unique, beautiful rings you’ll cherish for the rest of your years.


Featured Wedding Rings You’ll Love

Looking for great rings at affordable prices? We think you might quickly become a fan of ours. Here at Urban Designer, we believe that quality doesn’t have to mean spending months of your hard-earned wages. We also don’t believe incredible jewelry and sustainability have to be mutually exclusive. Instead, we strive to create eco-friendly, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are accessible to all. It’s a mission still in progress, but we’re constantly working at it. Interested in finding out for yourself? Here are three Urban Designer wood wedding band sets we think both you and your partner will love:

 Wedding ring set - coffee and rose gold tungsten bands

Coffee and Rose Gold Tungsten Band SetOne of our most popular and classic options, this wedding band set has a modern and elegant design comprised of gold dome-edged tungsten carbide and a wood inlay split by another band of gold. Simple but striking, it’s a timeless look that will age beautifully. In fact, it’ll only look better with time as the wood will develop a unique patina and the scratch-proof tungsten resists the typical wear and tear.

 Match His and Hers Damascus Steel Pattern Wedding Band Sets with Koa Wood Inlay

Damascus Steel Pattern Koa Wood Wedding Ring Set – For those who want something less traditional and nature-inspired, you don’t need to look any further than these patterned rings. They feature a central band of warm wood and two bands of striped, pure Damascus steel, making them look stylish while definitely standing out from a crowd. The wedding rings also showcase a beveled edge and a smooth, highly-polished interior that remains comfortable day in and day out.

 Mens Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band With Rosewood Inlaid

Black Tungsten and Rosewood Wedding Band – Sometimes, you just want a ring with a more masculine, edgy aesthetic and this ring absolutely fits the bill. The base of black tungsten carbide keeps it super simple, but the thin rosewood inlay and interior elevates it a bit while keeping it everything rugged and earthy. It’s a real head-turner and a no-brainer for anyone who wants something handsomely minimalist.

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