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Wood Rings by Urban Designer

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We produce our wooden rings with only reclaimed wood, perfect for wooden wedding rings and wooden engagement rings. As this special piece of jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime, it is... important that you choose a band that truly suits your style and personality. At Urban Designer, our goal is to create the most durable wood rings for our customers to enjoy. Check out our full selection below, and order today to enjoy free shipping in the USA.

Wooden Rings Collection

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Many traditions honor wood as a material having spiritual and symbolic power. Feng shui, an element of Chinese thought, divides the world into five elements: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The “wood” element is considered the first element, the starting place, and is associated with the season of spring and other new beginnings. (This is why wood rings are perfect for engagements and marriages!). Wood is associated with courage, birth, newness, health, family, and abundance. Who wouldn’t want a little of that to wear around?