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Why You Should Hop on the Outdoor Wedding Trend

Outdoor wedding trends

 As any good realtor would tell you, location is everything, and it’s no different whenever you’re planning for a wedding. The venue that you ultimately end up picking sets the tone for the entire day, something that’ll also impact your memories of the big event for the rest of your life. Choosing whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony is probably one of the most significant decisions within this. It shapes everything from your theme to your guest seating to potentially even your attire choices and more. 

That makes it a pretty critical decision, which is why most couples tend to go for indoor over outdoor. It’s the safer option, one that doesn’t require nearly as many contingency plans in case of bad weather or other uncontrollable factors. But more and more people are taking the risk and opting for an outdoor wedding, to the point it’s become somewhat of a trend in recent years. Don’t see the appeal yourself? Well, we can help with that. Here are a few common reasons why people are braving the great outdoors as they tie the knot and why you might want actually want to give it a go, too.


Healthier than Indoor Weddings

There are several reasons why outdoor weddings are popular, but this is perhaps the most timely and poignant one right now: they’re the healthier choice for all involved. In the current era of COVID-19, any large gathering presents a clear and present danger – one that has taken many lives and irreparably harmed others. This is obviously an issue for wedding ceremonies. After all, they checkmark near every problematic box on the list. Tons of people crowding around together in one space, probably after traveling to get there? Yeah, that’s a major issue right now.

 This danger is tamped down by choosing to host a wedding outside, though. It gives you more room to spread people out, allowing for social distancing and the lack of constantly re-circulated air also does wonders to help curb the spread of the virus. More people are protected then, and it’s easier to abide by public health requirements while still allowing folks to come together and celebrate love. What could be better than that?


Functions as an Entire Theme

The health benefits are a pretty convincing argument for outdoor weddings on their own, but people have chosen the naturally beautiful (and largely free!) backdrop of a natural setting for their weddings for far longer than the current pandemic has been around. Safety isn’t the only reason people skipping the chapel and heading for something a little bit more natural. They’re also choosing it because it offers weddings a more relaxed, easygoing tone, something that’s perfect for the many of us who appreciate something a touch more casual than the traditional uber-formal affair allows. 

However, the chill and casual vibe and nature-focused approach of outdoor weddings aren’t only great for ambiance, they can also function as a built-in theme. Nature’s always a crowd pleaser and gives you and your spouse-to-be plenty of flexibility for décor and accessories. You can even use bridal party accessories to creatively reflect the outdoor scene. Need a little help here? Urban Designer’s wooden watches are great idea for groomsmen gifts and bridesmaids gifts , and bridal party gifts to go perfectly with any outdoor wedding.


Great for Photoshoot Options

Weddings are incredible time. There’s lots of dancing and food and fun with loved ones. There’s also more than a fair amount of laughter and tears. It’s just a great time, something special that you get to share with everyone around you. Although, the actual celebration day isn’t the only cool thing about weddings. The photoshoot is also incredibly special, one of those rare times where you get to truly look and feel your best, rejoice in the bond you have with your partner, and show off a little all the while. 

Choosing to have your wedding amongst nature only improves upon this, acting as a beautiful backdrop to every single shot. It can also specifically make daytime ceremonies and receptions more special, incorporating changes in the shadows and sun into your photographs for a dramatic (and romantic!) sense of contrast. It’s a small detail that might not seem important at the time, but it’ll make a huge difference when you later sit down and look at the stills captured of you and your partner. Trust us. 


Perfect for Connecting Family & Friends

So, outdoor weddings help manage the current health risk, provide a more relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy, give you amazing photoshoot options, and can also get you out of anguishing over a theme for the next several months. What other benefits could it possibly bring with it? Actually, several.

But one that truly stands out above all the rest is that it’s perfect for connecting friends and family together – both those who’ve been forced apart and those who’ve never even met before. It allows for plenty of comfortable mingling without feeling restrictive like an enclosed venue, and the fresh air is sure to put everyone in a good mood! 

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