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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Responsibilities: Gift Giving

best wedding gifts- groomsmen watches

A common way to appreciate your besties is giving gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids on your wedding. One of the most common questions asked by those in the wedding party is if gift giving is also part of their job description. It’s completely understandable, especially considering how extensive bridesmaids and groomsmen’s responsibility list already is. Helping with the wedding attire, setting up bachelor and bachelorette parties, assisting with ring choice, running last-minute wedding errands – all just a taste of what’s expected for the bride and groom’s important team. Do bridesmaids and groomsmen give wedding gifts? The answer: absolutely! 

Despite playing a more integral role on the big day than other regular attendants, groomsmen and bridesmaids should get the happy couple a gift just like everyone else. But how much should they spend and what should they actually buy? Also, when should you buy them and can group gifts work or are individual ones better? Read on to find out.

Group Gifting vs. Individual Gifting

So, you now know that you need to pick up a present sometime before the wedding, but what about the specifics? It is okay to go in on something with the rest of the groomsmen and bridesmaids or should everyone choose something individually? Unlike some things, there’s really no particular right or wrong option here. The choice is basically up to you (and the rest of the wedding crew of course!). If you feel like you want to get them a more expensive item off their registry or want to gift them something that would be more sentimental coming from the whole group, don’t hesitate to go all in on a group present. Otherwise, more affordable, individual presents are just as thoughtful.

Wedding Gift Costs

While it’s not often talked about, there is a certain etiquette surrounding how much you should spend on a gift for newlyweds. While not a hard or fast rule, it’s best to keep costs somewhere in the middle rather than going too expensive. Experts say around the $125 mark is ideal, although this will ultimately vary depending on a number of factors. Of course, if you’re like most of us, you likely don’t have too much expendable cash just sitting around. It’s completely okay if you can’t afford something in this price range, especially right now in a time where money can be particularly tight. As the saying says, it’s the thought that counts! Just spend what you can and get something that’s from the heart.

Gift Timing

Similarly to either giving in a group or on your own, when to give your presents mainly comes down to personal preference and to what you’ve actually bought. Just be sure to not give it too late. While some claim you have up to a year to send your gift, up to 3 months or so after is probably the furthest you should push it. Other than that, you can send it or hand deliver to the happy couple anytime after you’ve received your wedding invitation or request to be in the wedding party. Wanting more specific guidance? Giving at the rehearsal dinner or during the bachelor/bachelorette party works well, too.

What to Buy the Bride and Groom

Knowing the when’s and the how’s is important, but it’s also important to know what exactly you should buy in the first place. Of course, you can’t go wrong getting something off a couple’s registry. That’s what it’s there for after all – to help you know what a couple needs. But it’s just fine to buy something no included on there as well, especially if you know some of the more practical stuff has already been taken care of by others. If that’s the case, buying them something that’s more sentimental is perfect. A major trend that hits on this right now is wooden jewelry. Affordable, stylish, and far from generic, it makes a wonderful wedding gift.

wooden watches by urban designer

Wooden watches are ideal for the bride and groom alike. For an even more thoughtful touch, don’t forget to opt for personal engraving. At Urban Designer, you can engrave just about anything, including a heartfelt quote, the wedding date, or even the coordinates of the wedding venue. This not only makes the jewelry even more unique; it also shows you went the extra mile to make their day even more special. Wanting to specifically buy something for the bride? Bridesmaids can’t go wrong with a pair of wooden earrings. Bonus: they will make a beautiful accessory when the wedding day is finally here.

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