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To Be or Not To Be: Top-Rated Wedding Ring Sets

top rated wedding band set- urban designer

Wedding season is once again upon us and that means it’s time to pick your wedding band sets. It’s easier said than done, though, of course. There are seemingly limitless options out there in every color, style, material, shape, and size you could imagine. However, not all wedding bands are created equal, nor will all fit your unique needs and tastes. Looking for rings that are both comfortable and durable? Your options narrow a bit. Do you want something less classic and more interesting? They shrink again. For those who need rings that fit both of those criteria are more environmentally friendly, your choices rapidly dwindle. Luckily, we here at Urban Designer showcases 2 of top rated wooden wedding ring sets that exactly fit those preferences. High-quality, beautiful, and made to last, they are the perfect way to celebrate your commitment. Here are two of our top-rated wedding sets to help you find your ideal fit.

Match His and Hers Rose Gold Tungsten Wood Wedding Band Set

Match His and Hers Rose Gold Tungsten Rings With Meteorite And Wood Inlay-Wood Wedding Bands

With a look equal parts vintage and luxurious, this his and hers rose gold tungsten wedding ring set is an excellent reminder that wooden inlay rings don’t have to be bare bones. It features a dome-edged tungsten carbide construction and two inlays: one a gorgeous meteor-like band and one with a band of warm, rich wood. Together, these design choices combine to create a ring that is visually striking while also smooth, easy to wear, and resistant to the digging in that can happen in other rings. Speaking of resistant, these wood inlay rings are also water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and overall, generally resistant to wear and tear. As long as it receives a little polish or cleaning from time to time and you’ve not overly rough with it, it should keep its luster and shine for many years to come. Bonus: the ring’s wood inlay will actually look better over time as wear and age helps it develop a richer, more complex patina.

Black Tungsten Ring Sets with Koa Wood Inlay

urban designer Black his and hers Tungsten Band with Redwood Inlay and Damascus Steel Pattern  Black Tungsten Ring-wooden engagement ring.jpg

Are you and your partner the type who typically prefer something a little less vintage and something a little more modern? Well, this top-rated ring set should immediately go to the top of your list. Once again comprised of tungsten carbide, you can expect the same amazing fit and comfortable wear of our other sets but in a more contemporary package. The design highlights a classy but cool black band base and a real, reclaimed Koa wood that both prioritizes sustainability and adds to the overall character of the piece. It is eco-consciousness made fashionable, and it looks as great as it will make you feel. To top off the design, we’ve added a silver feathered arrow for an aesthetic twist. Worried about whether it’s right for you and your soon-to-be spouse? Don’t be. All our rings are hypo-allergenic, cobalt-free, and comes in a wide range of sizes so that everyone can enjoy. On the slight chance that this top-rated wedding set isn’t perfect right out of the box, just send us an email. We offer a flexible return process and will be happy to assist you with getting just the size you need.

Looking for unique wooden rings? Check us out wood rings by Urban Designer , contact us for questions, comments, or assistance.



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