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Distanced Anniversary Ideas

anniversary gift ideas during COVID-19

There’s no doubt that this current time in history is beyond terrible and challenging. The global pandemic has taken many lives and has completely turned around the lives of others, forcing us to distance ourselves from one another and stay ever vigilant about a threat that’s invisible except for its effects. However, stewing over these facts does little to help us move forward despite all the uncertainty – only finding some silver lining does that. And people have, using lockdown time to focus on family and loved ones (even sometimes from afar), finding new means of entertainment, and adapting old traditions in safe, meaningful ways. Anniversaries are just one aspect of this, but they’re critical ones. Want to find ways to make them work for you, too? Here are some top anniversary ideas that allow for easy social distancing.


Going Out and About

One of the things that people get wrong about social distancing is thinking it restricts you to your house and the small patch of grass you call a yard. Thankfully, that’s not how it works. You can still go out and have fun – you just have to stay away from other people. That might sound restrictive in itself, but it’s a lot easier in practice than you’d expect. There are still many places you can go to and activities you can indulge in to celebrate your special day. Getting out in nature is one of them, allowing for romantic time together while keeping yourselves safe from getting sick (and bonus, safe from prying eyes!). Picnicking, hiking, stargazing, boating, berry picking, or just laying in the warm grass: make sure you allow yourselves to enjoy it fully. That’s perhaps more important than ever.


Special Gift Ideas

best anniversary gifts for men I Urban Designer

Not everyone’s love language is giving and receiving gifts, but if it is, the idea of an anniversary without presents likely sounds ludicrous. Luckily, that is the one thing left mostly untouched by COVID. Coronavirus or not, you can still exchange lovely gifts with your significant other. In fact, there are probably few better times to actively encourage the tradition, since getting something from your special someone can give you the boost needed to get through the days to come. You know your partner or spouse best, but we recommend getting something meaningful and unique, but subtle. Looking for specifics? Why not gift an Urban Designer wood watch or a wood ring? They’re stylish, comfortable, and affordable – equally perfect for chilling around the house now, dressing up for the office, or going out to brunch once virus concerns fade.

Celebrations with Friends

While some people love cocooning themselves in the company of their partner and nobody else during their anniversary, others are all about making it into a collective celebration. They love including friends and family and using their anniversary as a time to appreciate love in all its forms. We think that’s a beautiful sentiment, but also understand that it’s a little harder to do now that we’re all to keep six feet apart. It’s not impossible, though. It just involves being a little extra creative. One way to do this? Embrace technology! We’ve got it, so why not use it? You can host all sorts of things through Zoom, Skype, or similar apps. Zoom dinner parties, game nights, movie marathons, the list truly is endless. But what about for the tech-adverse? Well, make good use of that big deck and host a socially distanced party outside. You can cook some food, have a few drinks, and even dance, and all while maintaining your space. It might sound awkward at first, but it can truly end up a lot of fun if you let it.


Having Fun at Home

While getting out of the house can be great and necessary, you might still want to hang close to home when celebrating your anniversary. That’s completely valid, whether it’s for health reasons or you’re just enjoying the opportunity to stay put. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the day, and some of them might even become your go-to celebration or date night plans long after quarantining, and social distancing is the norm. One of our favorite anniversary ideas is to create a time capsule. It’s a cute and unique bonding experience, but it’s also great for helping put these times back into perspective. This too shall pass, after all. In addition to this, you can flex your creative side by cooking a new meal or create crafts together (perhaps to put in your time capsule?).  Or, for something more low-key, give an at-home spa night or themed movie night a try. The choice is yours.

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