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Get a Wooden Wedding ring or Diamond ring?

wood ring or diamond ring

For all of you who have gotten married or are wanting to soon, it’s probably an understatement to say that picking a wedding ring is complicated. But it bears repeating – choosing the right ring is a huge challenge. Should you go with something more conservative or should you go with something that has a little more personality? Is it better to go the more classic route or the trendier one? Should you devote a large chunk of your budget into getting a ring or would it make more sense to opt for a more affordable option? They’re all good points to consider, especially if you’re stuck between traditional diamond rings or unique wood rings. For some, the former will still probably be best for them, but less common wood bands come with quite a few perks. Interested? Read further to find out some of wooden wedding rings’ advantages over their diamond counterparts.

1. They’re a More Unique Option

Wedding rings are more than good-looking accessories. They’re also a statement and a physical symbol of the commitment you’ve made to your partner. Not only that, they’ll (presumably) take residence on your finger for the rest of your life, or at least until it becomes worn down from years of wear and tear. Because of these things, you’ll want to ensure that whatever ring you choose is meaningful and unique for both you and your spouse. While diamond rings can be both of these things, wooden rings inherently have an advantage as each is a one-of-a-kind accessory that can’t be recreated thanks to the natural materials from which they are made. No two are the same and that can make these rings all the more special.

2. Wooden Rings Are Eco-friendly

Every choice we make impacts the environment for better or worse. Some of these might cause bigger ripples than others, but it all does add up nonetheless. By choosing a wedding ring made from wood, you are also choosing the more sustainable option. This is due to the fact that most wooden rings – and all of the rings available on Urban Designer – are crafted from reclaimed wood rather than freshly felled trees. In other words, buying wood rings means you’re recycling and doing our world good. Production waste is also reduced anytime reclaimed, sustainable materials are prioritized, which is another benefit that comes along with wooden rings.

3. They’re Not a Passing Trend

Fashionability isn’t always a major concern for those in the market for wedding bands as some would rather wear something timeless and classic than something fashion forward. In many ways, this is a smart choice since you don’t want to go regretting your ring choice a few months or years down the road. However, wooden wedding rings are the perfect compromise. They’re a fresh and interesting alternative to the typical ring types we see, but they’ve also got a certain staying power attached since they’re also effortlessly elegant. Opt for them to be your wedding accessory and you’ll be able to show off a ring that’s simultaneously trendy and classic all at once.

4. They’re Extremely Durable

As beautiful as diamond rings and metal bedding bands are, there’s always a certain level of worry while you’re wearing them. They tend to be rather expensive, and as such naturally fret over potential scratches, chips, dings, and the like. Meanwhile, wooden rings help alleviate some of this thanks to their natural durability. You don’t have to be too overly concerned about damage when wearing them. Constructed from various hard woods, it takes quite a while and quite a bit of force to see any major signs of physical wear on a wooden wedding ring. It makes them the ultimate choice for those who work with their hands often or who just often tend to be hard their jewelry at large.

5. They’re Easy to Maintain

In addition to being extremely durable, wooden rings come with the benefit of easy maintenance. Unlike diamonds and metal rings that lose their shine if they go too long without a good cleaning, wood rings actually look better as time passes. Thanks to friction from wear and the natural oils in your skin, these rings actually develop a more lustrous shine and a richer patina than those just off the store shelf. Not only is this a unique feature that makes each ring more custom to you, it’s also incredibly practical for most folks out there. So, if you’re not a big fan of ring upkeep, look no further than a good wooden wedding ring.

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