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Wooden Watches: The Trend Always in Style

Minimalist Round Dark Wood Watch For Men Luxury Wood & Stainless Steel Combined Watch Band.jpg

The major rule of thumb in fashion is that trends come and go. Perms, glittery scrunchies, and baggy JNCO jeans have all had their day in the sun before fading away back into relative obscurity. However, there are some things that remain consistent regardless of the march of time. Wood watches find themselves in this category even with the regency of their trendiness. They’re the perfect accessory for both men and women alike, available in a wide variety of styles and great at expressing personality without being too loud or subdued. How exactly are you supposed to wear them, though? Well we are ready to help with that. Here are 5 ways to rock this trend and ensure you always look stylish and unique.

The Office Look

    Wanting to bring a little more “oomph” to your workday wear? A wooden watch might be just what you need. In order to make the trend look its best here, don’t go too over the top with your watch choice. A more minimalistic option in either a dark wood or a more natural tone will elevate your outfit without overshadowing it – allowing you to easily shine through while still looking polished and professional. Worried a wood watch won’t look as nice as a more traditional one? Don’t be. Over time, the wood will develop a richer, more beautiful patina and shine that can rival most high-end metal watch finishes out there.

    Everyday Elevated

      Having a put together look is incredibly important, especially for those who work in a more professional setting. It is still important to bring it with your off-the-clock style too, though! After all, we all want to look good, even if we’re just chilling on the couch or running errands around the corner. To elevate your daily wardrobe, pick out a piece of wood watch that speaks to you, whether its more of a statement piece or something more simplistic. Then just throw on your favorite t-shirt, jeans, and wear your watch proudly. Just don’t be surprised when all your friends ask where you got your new favorite watch!

      wooden watches for men by urban designer

      Groomsmen Approved

        Wedding prep is extremely taxing and figuring out what gift to get your groomsmen is a big part of that. It has to be appropriate for multiple people, shouldn’t be too cheap or too expensive, and shouldn’t be too difficult to find. If you’re coming up with nothing, consider a wooden watch. It makes an ideal groomsmen gift thanks to its affordability and widespread appeal. Bonus: it gives them all a handsome accessory to wear on the big day! This still doesn’t narrow down exactly what wooden watch you should get everyone, so still allow yourself plenty of shopping time to get it right. Keep in mind the personality of your wedding crew and that should lead you to the perfect choice. When in doubt, maybe give Urban Designer’s Groomsmen Gift Collection a look.

        The Holiday Spirit

          Festivity isn’t just for Christmas (although it certainly can be). It’s also important for days like Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Traditionally, these special events tend to call for gift giving that can leave us scratching out heads and grasping for straws or call for an outfit that is a little more dressed up than our usual daily wear. The wood watch trend can help us on both these levels, serving as a great unique touch on our looks and as a considerate present for others. Want to make it a little more special? Take advantage of engraving services to give it a more personal touch. Whether you engrave it with a special date, message, coordinates, or more, it will make it that much more meaningful.

          Like a Lady

            Menswear shouldn’t get all the fun, and luckily with this trend it definitely doesn’t. Women can also rock this awesome accessory. Adding another layer of classic style with a modern twist, wooden watches can compliment just about any women’s outfit whether it is a formal suit or casual athleisure. It’s also a fabulous accessory for women since it is naturally comfortable, easy to take care of, adaptable, and naturally hypoallergenic. To wear the trend, just toss on a delicate and flirty option like this zebra wood pink face watch or this minimalist wood and stainless steel one and enjoy!

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