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How to Choose a Wedding Ring for Husband

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When it comes to gifted jewelry, all of us want to get it right the first time. However, this is so much more important when that piece of jewelry is a wedding ring and you’re getting it for your husband. After all, wedding rings are symbolic of your love for one another, an ever-present reminder of the history you share and the thousands of moments that led you two to where you are today. In other words, there’s a lot of meaning packed into one tiny metal accessory – and it’s crucial to honor that. Getting the right ring for your husband-to-be (or current one for those just replacing a band or renewing their vows) is a wonderfully thoughtful gesture and one that’ll surely strengthen your bond even further. However, how are you supposed to pick the right one? Read along to learn how you should choose your husband’s wedding band.


Check Ring Sizing

While we understand that you’re probably eager to get the show on the road and start picking out a ring, there are a few practicalities you need to think about. The first, and one of the most critical is ring sizing. It’s pretty obvious, but you can’t buy anything until you know what size will fit him! So, be sure to ask him or do a little detective work if he’s got other rings he wears frequently and likes the fit. Unfortunately, it isn’t always quite as straightforward as it sounds. Just like with shoes and clothes, sizes are not universal.

Not all rings are measured or fit the same way, so you’d be better off if you do a little investigating into the dimensions that you’re wanting beyond just the general sizing number. Clarifying the ring width you want to get him should also be done around this time. Wedding band comes in so many different ones and every man has a preference. Many men choose 4mm or more, but this can vary greatly. Ask your husband his or ask him to try some on to see what suits him best. He’ll be wearing this for the rest of his life, so it’s worth putting in the effort.


Choose the Right Metal

Deciding on the width and size of your husband’s ring is a necessary step in this whole process, but it’s not quite the most exciting. Now, though, we start getting into the interesting bits. Before you swipe your poor credit card or dole out cash for your perfect pick, you must decide on the type of metal (or other material) you want for his ring. This is partly an aesthetic-based choice, but it goes a little deeper than that. Lifestyle should also be considered here as some materials are more or less suited to certain treatment than others. For example, opting for a gold ring when your husband works with his hands a lot is a recipe for disaster, eventually ending with his beloved band scratched up, bent, or even broken from the physical toll. What are some of your choices? Well, there are quite a few but here are some of the most common out there.

  • Gold – One of the most popular and traditional materials on the market today, gold can make awesome wedding rings thanks to their simple but elegant beauty and accessibility. Even on a budget, most people can find one that works for them. On top of this, there’s all sorts of gold to choose from including rose gold, white gold, and the typical yellow gold). As wonderful as gold is, though, it does come with its downsides. All gold can be a little fragile when it comes to hard handywork. Yellow gold also requires more upkeep like polishing, white gold requires replating, and rose gold can pose problems for those with metal sensitivities.
  • Platinum – Platinum is incredibly rare and hard to come by, even more so when it comes to proper wedding bands, however it’s worth it in the end. It can stand up to incredible wear, tear, and abuse, and it’s also especially hypoallergenic. The downside? They can cost a fortune – not exactly accessible for most folks.
  • Mixed wood and tungsten – We might be kind of biased, but this is our favorite ring material type. Wood ring mixed with tungsten together really are the best of both worlds, with an aesthetic that looks natural but polished, sleek but down-to-earth. They’re also very unique and exceptionally durable, meaning your husband won’t have to worry too much about hurting it with day to day living.


Know His Style (and Buy Accordingly)

After deciding on ring size, width, and metal, the last major consideration before buying your husband’s wedding band is all about his personal style. Rings may be small, but their looks can pack quite a punch. You won’t want to put something on your man’s finger and see it completely out of place amongst his daily wardrobe or presence. So, be sure you thoroughly understand what he likes before going any further with your search. Is he a casual, kind of laid-back guy? Would he rather have something simple and practical than something flashy? Or is he the type of man who loves to dress up and look good while doing it? Would he appreciate something dramatic and sophisticated? Is he a very macho guy or is he a little softer? All are great starting points when figuring out his taste and can help guide you to the ideal ring for him.


Our Favorite Matching Rings

Gone through our whole list and think you finally have a firm grasp on all of this? We’re glad to hear it, but now you’ve actually got to start the shopping process! That can be exhausting. To help you out a bit, here are two of our favorite matching ring sets to get you started on your journey. Who knows? They may just be the rings of your (and your husband’s) dreams.


His and Hers Rose Gold Wood Inlay Ring Set

For the couples out there who want their rings to reflect warmth, elegance, and timelessness, this his and hers rose gold set should be at the top of your list. This set includes two gorgeous dome-edged rings, crafted with thin strips of rose gold metal, tungsten carbide, and natural reclaimed wood for something completely unique but also completely classic. Your husband’s sure to love them, and he’ll be even more thrilled to discover that they’re scratchproof and require little maintenance.


Damascus Steel and Koa Wood Matching Set

Match His and Hers Damascus Steel Pattern Wedding Band Sets with Koa Wood Inlay

Are you and your partner searching for rings that are a little more playful but still beautiful and high-quality? Give this specific set a try on for size. These two rings are made with an awesome blend of steel and koa wood, which provide a tough, durable construction and some modern flair. The Damascus steel is also patterned, bringing it a little something extra special over other rings out on the market today. It’s a one of a kind choice, the perfect companion for your equally one of a kind husband!
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