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5th Wedding Anniversary Wooden Gift Ideas

Any anniversary is an important one, although the five-year anniversary is especially pivotal. After five years of marriage, you’re no longer in the early, beginning stages where you’re still working through how to meld your individual lives into one cohesive unit. You’ve already figured out how to move forward together, and by now, you’ve developed strong, deep roots - much like that of a tree. You’re truly settled in the relationship; far wiser, more understanding and more unbreakable than ever before.

That’s a beautiful thing and it’s one well-worth celebrating. At a loss for how to appropriately honor this major milestone, though? Traditionally, fifth-anniversary gifts are made of wood. Why not buy your other half a wooden gift they’ll treasure? Classy, often affordable, and flexible enough to suit any partner’s tastes, it truly is an ideal pick. We’ve even got a few suggestions to make the choice as easy as possible!

1. UXD Premium Automatic Olive Wood Watch

Olive Wood Luminous Automatic Watch for Men Roman Numeral Yellow Adjustable Wooden Band Skeleton Mechanical Wristwatches
Watches have long been a go-to gift for men everywhere, which makes sense. They look nice, serve a purpose while still being thoughtful, and will actually be used everyday rather than merely stuffed in a drawer to collect dust. But as wonderful as this gifting staple is, it can be a little predictable. So, we decided to elevate it just a touch.

With classic, adjustable links, natural water resistance, and an easy-to-read format, it’s still the no-fuss present that guys love. But thanks to a cool semi-skeleton face, unique olive wood materials, and automatic timekeeping rather than a quartz movement, it distinguishes itself from the competition - a true one-of-a-kind that your husband or partner simply can’t find anywhere else. And best of all? No ticking sound, so he can enjoy an accurate timepiece without any unnecessary annoyances.

2. Textured Tungsten & Koa Wood Ring Set

Match His and Hers Tungsten Ring Set With Koa Wood Inlay And Hammered Texture
If you’re celebrating your fifth anniversary, the odds are good that you already have wedding bands that you’re, well, pretty wedded to. But it’s also entirely possible that you’re looking to change things up or even have to because of ring size changes, damage and durability issues, or the like. If you fall into this category, a new set of rings would be a wonderful gift for you and your spouse alike. Unsure what kind you should buy? Give some thought to our textured tungsten and koa wood set.

True-to-form, reclaimed wood is the star material and design choice here, a thick inlay of gorgeous koa making up the bulk of each ring. Organic and vibrant, it truly creates a standout piece that will be noticed. But in the pursuit of extra strength and scratch-proofing, we also made sure to pair it with textured tungsten carbide, practically guaranteeing these rings will be the last you’ll ever need. No more replacements required? We’re sure your sweetheart will wholeheartedly approve.

3. Matchstick Wood Earrings for Her

Matchstick Wood Earrings Reclaimed Wood Gift for Her
5 years is a long time in a relationship - certainly enough time to get a pretty good read on each other’s likes, dislikes, and overall preferences. However, it’s still easy to forget some of the details, especially when it comes to the specifics of jewelry like earrings. You can rest assured that these matchstick wood earrings should do the trick, though, the perfect present regardless of how picky your partner may be with her accessories.

Since dangly earrings can become bothersome depending on size, we designed these with complete comfort in mind. Coming in at a light 2 ounces and 2.5 inches long, they’re neither heavy nor overly big. They’re instead super wearable and hit just the right balance to make a statement without completely taking over a look.

Of course, the multi-colored design and hand-carved reclaim wood/premium acrylic pulls a lot of weight on that front, classy and classic in equal measures. Whether worn out for dinner and drinks or an important business meeting, these matchstick wood earrings are most definitely going to become one of your wife’s favorite anniversary presents yet.

Wood is strong but still yielding. It’s something that grows organically, something that takes time and care to produce but will last for countless years when the tree as a whole is properly tended to. Sounds a lot like a good marriage, right? Those of us here think so, and to help you take this energy forward, look no further than our wood watches.

Like many of our best pieces, it’s crafted with 100% reclaimed zebra wood, serving as a tangible reminder of the long-lasting relationship you have committed to cherish and protect. Naturally, that quality wood construction also adds up to make this watch durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Get it for your fifth anniversary and it’ll likely still proudly be around for your fiftieth!

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