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Why Choose Tungsten Wedding Bands?

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Wedding rings have been worn for centuries, even finding themselves as an important part of Ancient Egyptian culture in the form of leather or woven reed bands. Throughout all this time, they’ve remained a powerful symbol of honor, love, and devotion. However, a couple things have morphed as our society's grown and developed, including what our rings are made from. We’re no longer bound to either the difficult to work with or delicate materials of yore. Now you’re just as likely – if not more – to find tungsten wedding bands on lovers’ fingers as you are gold or silver. Is there a good reason for this, or is it merely another trend that’ll soon fizzle out? Read on to find out and discover why you should choose tungsten for your wedding bands


What is Tungsten?

So, before you understand why you should choose tungsten for your wedding bands, it’s pretty important to know what it is in the first place. Tungsten is a type of hard metal rated about a nine on the Mohs scale, making it nearly ten times harder than 18k gold and almost four times harder than titanium. If it wasn’t clear before, it should be now – tungsten’s one of the toughest materials on the planet, able to keep its shine, shape, and overall structure far longer than almost anything else on the market. That makes it ideal for a variety of things, but especially for those that receive a lot of daily use. Rigid and hearty, it can take a lot of figurative (and literal) heat before it even comes close to breaking down.

 tungsten material

The Benefits of Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is an amazing metal and is ideal for all sorts of different products. Wedding rings and other jewelry find themselves at the top of the list. Why does tungsten edge out the competition? Here are three of the most significant benefits that come along with it. 


1. Tough and Wear-Resistant

As previously mentioned, tungsten is incredibly sturdy, bounds above almost anything else you’ll find in commercial metalworks. This is a massive plus for anything that’ll see a significant amount of wear and tear, and wedding rings and other jewelry just-so-happen to perfectly fit the description. Since they’re worn near constantly, these bands will begin to see obvious signs of deterioration rather quickly, even if made with titanium or similar. That’s clearly not ideal. However, tungsten takes this out of the picture. Tungsten wedding bands don’t see this sharp decline, refusing to bend, scratch, or even lose their gorgeous polish with regular use. Don’t get us wrong – if you really work at it, you can probably crack it. But if you take care of it and wear it normally day in and day out, your ring will likely last just as long as your partnership. 


2. Comfortable and Easy to Wear

Have a relatively laid-back lifestyle and aren’t worried that your ring will break apart anytime soon? Here’s a benefit to tungsten ones that might be more attractive to you: they’re incredibly comfortable. Most of them, including ours here at Urban Designer, are crafted for a comfort fit. Comprised of all smooth curves, a more natural shape, and slight variances at the edges, you won’t have to worry about your tungsten wedding band painfully digging into your fingers. It makes daily wear feel infinitely better. Because of its chemical makeup, these types of bands also inherently hypoallergenic. No worries about reactions here!


3. Generally Affordable and Accessible

Despite its amazing reputation for scratch-resistance and easy wear, tungsten wedding rings are actually some of the more affordable options on the market. This is because it’s a fairly new offering and doesn’t have the same market value as other metals like gold or silver. It’s not a widely traded commodity nor easily valued, which comes with its downsides. Although it brings benefits as far as price is concerned. Since you can’t take it into a pawn shop and walk out with considerable cash, it’s generally a cheap and affordable option for buy. Great for those on a budget, tungsten wedding rings make for accessible options in a way that gold rings just can’t match. 


The Cons of Tungsten Metal

While all of these aforementioned benefits make tungsten wedding bands a wonderful choice for all sorts of couples, that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Tungsten does come with downsides you should consider before you wed (pun intended) yourself to opt for it over other metals. One of the worst is that it can’t be resized in the same way that other rings can be, leaving you without a lot of options should you ever find it starts fitting a little snugger (or looser) than it once did – particularly problematic since most of us will have this happen at some point. Other than this, its downsides are pretty mild, mostly that it’s not entirely indestructible like some have suggested. However, get past this and the sizing issue, and you’ll probably find little complaint choosing a tungsten wedding ring and forsaking all others.

However it depends on your budget and style preferences. If you're looking for a ring that feels substantial, resists scratches from everyday hard work, can reflect your personality and won't wreck your budget, tungsten wedding bands for men and women are a great choice.

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  • Thankyou so much for the beautiful rings.
    The gorgeous ring boxes enhance the rings superbly.
    We can’t thank you enough.
    The rings are a replacement, as this year we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in August this year.
    We cannot thank you all enough.
    Definitely highly recommend, for price, quality and service.
    Many thanks to all the team.
    Stephen and Donna.

    Donna Hotham

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