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Best Wooden Jewelry Made for Zoom Calls

Wooden Jewelry Made for Zoom Calls

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are relying on Facetime, Messenger, Houseparty, and Zoom more than ever before to keep us in touch with loved ones and colleagues alike. What was once a convenient way to stay connected has become a lifeline for many of us, morphing into an essential for everything from daily socializing, shopping, and even work. This communication change has had wide-reaching effects on our daily lives, but it has also managed to create ripples throughout other completely unrelated areas.

Fashion is one of these. After all, you still need to look nice for your Zoom calls! It may be a little harder because of the nature of video calls, but accessorizing can help pick up the slack. Wooden jewelry in particular is a great choice as they easily combine trendy design and comfortable wear. Need a little guidance? Here is some of best wooden jewelry to wear for your next Zoom meeting.

Wooden Watches

wooden watches - Urban Designer

At first glance, watches probably don’t seem to make the best accessories for video chatting. They’re often very basic, minimal, and for the most part, out of sight. However, wood watches are a fun way to change things up while staying environmentally friendly. They’re unobtrusive but still provide a subtle flash of style anytime you gesture, and they are versatile enough to be worn casually, formally, or anywhere in between.

Wood watches also happen to be ideal for this self-quarantining and social distancing time, since they don’t sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. Worried about finding a watch that works for you? Don’t be. Wooden watches are available in just about every look imaginable. Whether you appreciate modern and minimalistic, natural and rugged, or classic and elegant, there’s a wood watch to match your aesthetic. They also come in both men’s and women’s styles, so you never have to worried about being left out.

Wood Rings

wooden rings-urban deisgner

Looking for another piece of jewelry to perfectly compliment your Zoom meeting outfit? Wooden rings should be at the top of the list. Easy to wear, fashion forward, and incredibly durable, these accessories strike the perfect balance between form and function, pandemic or not.  Maintenance is also a breeze thanks to their natural materials that resist scratching, rusting, and denting better than their entirely metal counterparts. Helpful in the future, but also a nice convenience right now, as you have bigger things to worry about than keeping your jewelry looking good.

Wooden rings also come with the nice side benefit of being inexpensive and cost-efficient due to the lower cost of production as well as their tough construction. Don’t let the price fool you, however. Wood rings and bands are high-quality pieces built by professional craftsmen and made to last for years to come. Is sustainability a concern? These watches will definitely be the perfect fit then. Made out of 100% reclaimed wood instead of freshly felled trees, they’re the eco-conscious choice you can feel good about during this quarantine period and beyond.  

Wooden Earrings

wood earrings by urban designer

If subtlety isn’t your bag, few pieces of jewelry will get you further than a proper pair of wooden earrings. Bigger, bolder, and trendier than the other jewelry on this list, these natural earrings make the perfect statement piece without being too loud. They also perfectly combine natural wood aesthetics with a chunky jewelry vibe, meaning they can easily be worn during your at-home Zoom calls now or seamlessly transition from the office to Sunday brunch once the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us.

Why choose wooden earrings over their more traditional counterparts? For starters, they are having a major fashion moment right now and will ensure any outfit you wear is instantly elevated. Beyond that, though, wood earrings are an opportunity to wear a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Because of their natural reclaimed wood body, no two pairs will ever be the same. This means that your jewelry will always be as unique as you!

Final Thoughts

The rise of the novel coronavirus has been a trying time for all of us. It has completely changed what we’re able to do, where we’re able to go, and how we’re able to communicate. This pandemic has also further elevated the role that technology plays in our day-to-day routines, moving it from a “nice option” to an everyday necessity for those seeking to work or stay in touch with family and friends. Email, Skype, and Zoom meetings have become our new norm and, naturally, it has changed our fashion norms as well.

Don’t get us wrong – a daily uniform of comfy basics and sweatpants is great! But for many, finding ways of elevating this new normal is important, if just to find joy or normalcy despite our very atypical situation. Wooden jewelry is a fantastic answer to this, blending comfort and trendiness in a way that makes sense for us today. Ideal for lounging, Zoom calls, or anything else that comes your way, they’re definitely accessories you’ll come to love.

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