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Groomsmen Expectations: What Do They Pay For?

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Wedding planning is complicated, to say the least. A million tiny details are being juggled all at once, and the bride and groom are somehow expected never to let them fall to the ground. As to be expected, it’s a lot to ask. It’s already hard enough to expect them to decide on everything from the reception menu to the flower selection, groomsmen gifts, attire, invitation appearance, theme, and more. But expecting them also to take on other stuff like bachelor/bachelorette party plans, and groomsmen outfit choices? That’s a step too far. Luckily, that’s where groomsmen come in, taking on some of the responsibilities and financial burden. Unsure what they’re supposed to pay for and what comes out of someone else’s pocket? We’re going to clear that up right now. 

The Groomsmen’s Expenses

Groomsmen Suits

Everyone knows that the wedding dress is the main attraction when the big day finally rolls around, but it’s not the only thing on display. The groom’s suit, the bridesmaids' dresses, and all the groomsmen attire also receive a lot of attention, and for a good reason. They’re an essential part of the entire day, adding to the ambiance and functioning as a symbol of constant support for the lucky couple in question. 

With these right on display, you’d think that they’d be carefully picked by the two getting married – and they are! Customarily, bridesmaids' dresses are selected by the bride while the groom chooses the groomsmen’s suits. Although, just because the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. (or whatever combination your marriage might take on) give the thumbs up doesn’t mean they’re the ones expected to pay for it. 

On the contrary, groomsmen and all other wedding party members usually take on all their attire costs. That’s not to say that they've never paid for by the main couple, but it’s definitely not the expectation. Renting does tend to be a bit more of a gray area, though. Many grooms may try to take care of this cost themselves, but once again, it’s not something to be expected. He’s got enough expenses to figure out. If you can afford to rent your suit or tux on your own, do. 


The Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party

Drinks, travel, the occasional unfortunate incident, more drinks – the bachelor party is typically a night (or nights) for the books. Some may be relatively tame, especially compared to a certain modern classic featuring Ed Helms and an angry released tiger, but some can undoubtedly get wild. Spanning anywhere from one day to a week and often featuring luxury that’ll never be indulged in again, the costs can rack up rather quickly. Are the groomsmen supposed to take care of the final bill?

The short answer is that it depends. The longer answer is that it’s completely individual, something that will need to be figured out amongst you and your loyal band of buddies. Once upon a time, the groom didn’t pay a cent out of his own pocket, but times are changing. Between cash being tighter these days and once-strict wedding customs growing laxer, costs are usually shared in some form. 

This could mean anything from groomsmen paying for their travel costs to splitting the total evenly or something else entirely. At a bare minimum, groomsmen will likely need to handle food and entertainment costs, but it’s very individual. Always be sure to talk it out before the trip, or you might end up scrambling through pockets at the blackjack table (and that’s never a good look). 


Other Wedding Costs

So, we’ve already covered the two biggies: suits and the bachelor party. But what about all the other stuff? What about travel and hotel expenses? What about additional entertainment or drinks? Is that all in the groomsmen’s wheelhouse, or is it charged straight onto the groom’s credit card?

Generally, most expenses outside what’s previously been covered will be on the wedding party’s shoulders. Remember that juggling act? It’s as financially exhausting as it is mentally and physically. Accommodation costs and other basics being the groomsmen’s responsibility can majorly help reduce this burden, and you’ll likely be asked to do this. You’ll also probably be told this plenty in advance, so don’t worry about quickly creating cash out of thin air. The groom (or bride) will let you know and allow you to plan around it. 


Groomsmen Gifts: Classy Engraved Wooden Watches

 groomsmen watches with custom engraving

When it comes to the groomsmen’s responsibilities, there are a considerable number crammed onto their to-do lists – and there frankly should be. The groomsmen and other party members are an integral part of the wedding day team. Their whole job is to function as a support structure and take some of the weight off others’ shoulders. That being said, though, they should never be taken for granted. Always show your appreciation for everything they do. A good way to do that as the groom (or potentially the bride)? Get them a great groomsmen gift.

Engraved wood watches are an ideal way to go – affordable, functional, and above all, thoughtful. You can get one for every groomsmen and still make it tailored to them and meaningful, adding a personalized message, special date, coordinates, or even an image. Bonus: they also make great accessories for the big day, showing unity and a little bit of style at the same time.
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