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A Wonderful Personalized Gift for Him

personalized gifts for him

It may just be October, but just about every store has had their Christmas décor out for the last month. That can only mean one thing – holiday season is fast approaching. And of course, with the holidays comes gifts. Gifts aren’t exactly the easiest thing to buy for some people though, especially men. It needs to be something nice and thoughtful but also practical and useful. That really narrows down the choices and makes it feel impossible to come up with something original. Well if you’re wanting to get him something different this Christmas and not buy him another tool set or wallet, why not consider a beautiful wooden watch? (A ring more his style? Check out our guide on how to buy him the perfect wooden ring!)

Why a wooden watch? Well, because it is the perfect blend of practical and thoughtful! Every man, no matter who he is, needs a stylish timepiece he can rely on. He needs a watch he knows looks good, is durable, and will just look better with age. Wooden watches check all these boxes but with the plus side that they can be engraved to show how much you care. Convinced? Don’t worry, shopping for him still won’t be that easy! You still have the difficult job of figuring out what watch would be best for him. To make that job a little easier, we’ve created a little guide to help you find the best personalized gift for him. All you need to do is figure out his style. Don’t worry, we’ve got a watch for him.


Minimalist Styles

Does the man in your life tends towards simpler things? Is his wardrobe largely comprised of classic t-shirts and jeans? Does he prefer clean lines and neutral tones rather than overly stylized things? Then, some of our minimalist style watches is probably perfect for him! Our minimalist watches recognize that you don’t need too many bells and whistles to get the job done and instead opt for classic wood tones, a simple face, and a comfortable fit. Bonus? They’re all just as durable as any other UD wooden watches, meaning they don’t need to be replaced for a good long time. How’s that for stylish but functional? Don’t forget the engraving, though! He may be minimal, but everyone appreciates a personalized gift.

Our recommendations for minimalist style watches: our mens minimalist dark face chronograph watch, unisex round wood watch, or minimalist round zebra wood watch.


Elegant Styles

Is the guy you’re gifting always one of the most stylish in the room? Does he prefer all things sophisticated but classic? Does he secretly (or openly!) like to dress up and show off his best? Then we recommend our more elegant styles to pull his look together and always ensure he is the best accessorized man in the room. Our elegant styles feature rich wood tones, beautiful and shiny watch faces, and eye-catching design. They are super functional, but they know they can look good while doing it. Don’t worry though, they’re formal but not too formal, ensuring that he can wear our elegant watches all day, every day. These watches make the perfect personalized gift idea for him. They also make great anniversary gifts and gifts for dad!

Our recommendation for elegant style watches: our classic silver stainless steel wooden watch, square zebra wood swiss watch, or our Japanese quartz movement wood and stainless steel watch.

Natural Styles

Elegant styles or minimalist styles don’t seem up his alley? Maybe these natural styles will. Is he concerned with sustainability and environment kindness? Does he love earthy, brown and tan tones? Does he appreciate simple wood and find style in that? Would he prefer to be a little closer to nature? Our natural style watches are probably just what you’re looking for. They put our beautiful reclaimed wood front and center and let it speak for itself. These watches want everyone to notice they’re made of wood and comment on it. Any man who recognizes the beauty in nature will surely recognize the beauty in these watches. Why not give one to him this Christmas?

Our recommendations for natural style watches: our dark round wooden watch with orange face, zebra wood face watch with leather band, or unisex round watch with date display.


Technical Styles

None of the above working for you? Try our technical styles on for size. Are you shopping for a man who loves a watch with all the trimmings? Does he love his extras like stopwatches, calendars, etc.? Does he usually buy a Timex or the heaviest duty watch he can get his hands on? Is he always the man with a plan, prepared for anything? Our technical styles will be a perfect fit that will give him what he wants. Our technical watches have a little (or a lot) extra in them that he’ll love every time he looks at his wrist. They’re durable, practical, and hey, they just get better the more you wear them. So, hook your dad or husband up. It’s the perfect personalized gift for him. He’ll no doubt appreciate it. 

Our recommendations for technical style watches: our handmade compass watch, multifunction chronograph zebra wood watch, or premium automatic mechanical wood watch.

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