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5 Awesome Benefits of Wooden Earrings

wooden earrings by Urban Designer

As a general rule, fashion changes dramatically through the years. From the '50s' stiff collars and uber modest hems to the '80s' tight, colorful spandex and big hair to the '90s' and early aughts' baggy, grungy aesthetic, we’ve seen this directly in action. And it hasn’t just stopped there. Our fashion and all its accompanying accoutrements are still changing to this day. One great example (other than our potentially misguided move away from skinny jeans and side parts) is the growing trend of natural jewelry. 

Demand for wooden watches, wood rings, bracelets, and earrings has skyrocketed lately, and they’re starting to flood the market in turn. But what do you get out of buying these jewelry pieces? We’ve shared a little about this in the past, but what about wooden earrings? Is it just a superficial trend, or is there good reason to move away from metals and plastics and towards wood? Our answer: it’s the latter. Keep reading for five benefits to wooden earrings rather than their less-natural counterparts. 


1. Super Lightweight

When we think about jewelry, we aren’t often thinking about weight. But it’s a big deal, especially for earrings! Anything too heavy, like large hoops or solid metal pieces, has a tendency to tug on our earlobes and make them droop lower than they naturally should. This can be incredibly uncomfortable. 

On top of providing mere discomfort, though, it’s also just not healthy. Pulling on the actual piercing itself can create numerous problems, possibly leading to chafing, infection, and even small tears depending on how heavy we’re talking or how often you’re wearing said earrings. Wooden earrings provide a perfect alternative and rescue us from these ill-effects as the wood used is remarkably light. You can then wear whatever styles you want for as long as you want, which can open up a whole new door of style!


2. Hypoallergenic and Non-Irritating

In addition to being more comfortable because of lower weight, wooden earrings also have another perk: they are far less likely to cause any skin reactions or irritations because of material makeup. You can thank wood’s chemistry for this. 

Unlike nickel or many other cheap metals that much of fast fashion’s jewelry is made out of, wood is inherently hypoallergenic. Wood, too, is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, which lends wooden earrings their status as a more biocompatible option. You then shouldn’t break out from it, develop any rashes, or have your skin turn green, adding up to a much smarter and healthier choice for the vast majority of us out there. 


3. Available in Tons of Designs

Wooden earrings’ benefits for both comfort and health are pretty great. Yet, there are also more superficial reasons as to why the jewelry have blown up in popularity over the last few years. Namely, the simple fact that they’re remarkably varied when it comes to style. You can pretty much find wooden earrings in any style you can think about off the top of your head. 

Have a preference for something simple and elegant? What about cute and quirky? Or are you perhaps someone who loves accessories that are big, bold, and easily make a statement? No matter what category you fall under, there’s a design that will match your personality. Understated, fun, flashy, and everything in-between is available with little searching necessary – no wonder everyone’s finally hopped on the bandwagon.  


4. Eco-friendly and Environmentally Responsible

All of these previous benefits are wonderful. But they are admittedly not exclusive to wood-based earrings. As long as you’re not relegating your jewelry collection to that which comes from your nearest Claire’s or the cheapest price range on one of the leading eCommerce sites, you can find metal options that check off all the necessary boxes. That’s true – but there is something wholly exclusive to wood earrings, and it’s that they’re better for the planet. 

This is especially apt for our options here at Urban Designer. All earrings offered for sale on our site are comprised of 100% reclaimed wood, crafted by specialized artisans, and packaged with sustainability directly in mind. The result is a product that’s far more eco-friendly and environmentally responsible than any stainless steel, gold, or metal alternative you’ll happen across. Equally good for our planet and good for us, wooden earrings are an easy option for the eco-conscious without sacrificing personal tastes.  


5. Highly Durable and Sturdy

Between wooden earrings being a more ethical jewelry choice that’s also stylish and flexible, hypoallergenic, and lightweight, there are already several reasons to choose them over other competitors. Yet, there’s one more major benefit offered by the natural accessories: they’re remarkably sturdy.

As long as you properly take care of your earrings (i.e., don’t soak them in water, avoid too much direct sunlight, and store them when not being worn), they can potentially last you a lifetime. After all, the harder reclaimed woods commonly used are scratch-resistant, somewhat water-resistant, and are generally durable. You shouldn’t have to worry about breakage or cracking anytime soon. Wood earrings also develop a gorgeous patina over time rather than dulling like metal-based ones, so your jewelry can only get better with age. 

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