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5 Reasons Why Wooden Rings Make Great Wedding Bands

eco wooden rings the best wedding bands

Marriage is an institution steeped in tradition, grounded in expectations and practices that have been around for several generations. It’s no surprise then that many want their wedding ceremony to be reflective of this as well, opting for a big church venue, the beautiful, princess-like white dress, and a pair of traditional metal wedding bands to complete the classic wedding day experience.

However, not everyone wants to perfectly follow this script and this is holds especially true when it comes to choosing the rings. Increasingly, people are seeking out options that are more modern, unique, and in line with their personal tastes. A variety of different options work well for that, yet perhaps none more so than wooden rings. Curious why they make for great wedding bands? Here are five reasons that will tell you everything you need to know.

1. Unique and Rustic Look

It should go without saying, but it’s very important for your wedding band to fit your personal aesthetic. You’re going to be wearing and seeing it every day, after all! This is part of why bands made from metals such as gold, platinum, or silver are so popular - their traditional, neutral look works well regardless of whether your style is bold and bright, comfy casual, or something more elevated. They fade into the background, allowing you to wear whatever you want without clashing.

If you actually want your wedding ring to be noticed, though, a wooden band is a far better choice. Made from a variety of woods each with a one-of-a-kind grain pattern, color, and texture, they actively draw the eye rather than simply blending in. They offer a unique, rustic aesthetic that truly can’t be replicated, meaning that no two rings are ever identical. Not only does this make them a statement piece and separate them from their more mass-produced, simplistic metal counterparts, it also gives them an added sentimental value that’s ideal for celebrating your love and commitment.

2. Comfortable to Wear

Truth be told, metal wedding rings do have their share of positives, yet comfort certainly isn’t one of them. Because of their shape and ultra-rigid material, they have a habit of digging into the skin, rubbing, and generally causing a great deal of irritation with daily wear. Alongside this, they tend to be rather problematic for those with skin conditions or allergies. Itching, redness, and sensitivity are all fairly common reactions to these rings, and each of these usually only becomes worse with time.

Wooden rings manage to escape most of the above issues. For one thing, they’re naturally hypoallergenic in a way that most metals aren’t. The odds of any irritation or allergic reactions is incredibly low, proving wood wedding bands an ideal match for those spouses-to-be that have had negative past experiences with conventional metal jewelry.

Everyday comfort sees a significant increase, too, as they’re often lighter, have more “give” than metal rings, and become smoother thanks to the skin’s natural oils conditioning them over time. Not used to wearing jewelry or just dislike the feeling of traditional rings on your finger? A wooden wedding ring should prove a much more comfortable fit.


3. Environmentally Friendly

We’re not always particularly kind to our planet - that much is obvious. The fast fashion and accessories industry doesn’t do it any favors, either, contributing to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and other serious ecological damages. Add on all the bad labor practices that typically go hand-in-hand with the accessory-making process and it’s clear that we need a more sustainable way to go about things. Electing for wooden wedding bands over metal ones is a small first step but a solid one nonetheless.

Comprised of sustainably-sourced materials such as reclaimed wood or wood from managed forests, these natural rings are gentler on our environment as they’re being produced then continue to be long after due to their biodegradability and lower carbon footprint. Since they’re usually ethically-crafted by expert artisans rather than underpaid factory workers, they’re better for the planet and for the people, making wooden wedding bands an excellent choice for environmentally conscious couples everywhere.

4. Affordable

Wedding planning - from booking a venue to ordering the flower arrangements to everything in between - is very expensive. Although, wedding bands are one of the especially pricey purchases, totaling between $600 - $1200 on average with men’s rings on the lower end of this spectrum and women’s on the higher end. That’s a considerable amount of money to spend, even for an accessory of such personal importance and meaning!

Not everyone can afford that kind of price tag but with wooden rings, they don’t necessarily have to. Because the production process is less intensive and these wedding bands require fewer resources than those made of metal, they’re usually significantly more affordable than traditional metal bands, and can be found in a wide array of price points to suit vastly different budgets.

Only have $130 to spend? That’s actually fairly manageable; many matching wood wedding band sets can be found for that on sale. On an even tighter budget? There are still wonderful options that fall below the $80 mark depending on where (and when) you look, allowing you to save money before the big day without compromising on quality or style.

5. Symbolic and Meaningful

The ring has been a major symbol of love, commitment, and unity throughout countless cultures for centuries. Although, they do look quite a bit different today than they did once upon a time. Where we now traditionally see wedding bands and engagement rings as decorative metal pieces, they used to be made entirely out of things readily found in nature. Bone, shells, stone, wood - these were the original materials used to craft our symbols of love. By choosing a wooden wedding band instead of a more “conventional” option, you also choose to honor this history and thus connect yourself more fully to the meaning rings’ represent.

Wood wedding bands come with an additional benefit, though, beyond being closer to the concept’s roots: the material is a wonderful symbol of marriage. Much like marriage, wood is strong and stable yet yielding. It can survive times of great struggle and bounce back from some of the worst storms so long as it receives the proper care. It’s slow to grow but enduring when it does, and it only continues to get better as the years pass by. Wood is beautiful, hardy, and unique, something that also describes the love between those who belong together.

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