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5 Reasons Why You Need Wood Wedding Rings

With spring fast approaching, that also means wedding season is also drawing closer. For those who are getting ready to tie the knot, choosing your rings is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during this time and it might be one of the more stressful ones. Of course, you want rings that are comfy and beautiful, but you also want something that is fitting for both you, your partner, and the wonderful occasion. If you’re looking for something a little more special and more unconventional than the traditional metal band, then wooden rings might be just the thing you’ve been waiting to find. Why should you choose wooden wedding bands? Read along to find out the answer to that question.

 wooden rings by urban designer

Durable and Long-Lasting

Nobody wants to choose a ring set that will just fall apart or suffer from rapid wear and tear. Luckily, well-constructed wedding rings don’t have any trouble in this department. Despite being made up of organic materials, wooden rings are remarkably durable and hold up just fine against long-term use. This is largely thanks to the fact that most of these rings are expertly crafted from harder woods that are extremely resistant to scratches, bending, or breakage. As long as they are properly watched over, wood wedding rings should last just about as long as their metal counterparts. For those who are still concerned, all of our rings here at Urban Designer are made with a combination of both wood and tungsten meaning you get all the comfort and security of tungsten with the uniqueness of wood. It’s a win-win for everybody. 


Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest downsides to traditional rings is that they require more maintenance than one would expect at first glance. Various metals need constant polishing to look their best and they need an active hand to keep any rust or malformation from happening. While it may sound odd, wooden wedding rings are actually significantly easier to take care of in the long run. With them, you don’t have to worry about rusting and scratching is also of lesser concern because any marks that do pop up with age blend into the wood grain and actually enhance the look. Contrary to popular belief, you also don’t need to worry about oiling your ring. Your skin has plenty of natural oils to keep your ring well-conditioned and looking great for many, many years to come. In fact, thanks to the natural material, your wedding ring will actually look better over time as your skin’s oils and natural wear develops the rings patina and gives it richer, deeper tones.


Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Taking care of our planet should be high on everyone’s to-do list. Did you know that you can actually contribute to this just by picking a wooden wedding ring over an all-metal one? How exactly does that work? Well, here at Urban Designer, all of our wooden rings and over wood jewelry is made with 100% eco-friendly and sustainable wood. This means that no trees were freshly felled to make your ring. Instead, we opt to recycle and reclaim various types of woods like koa wood, sandalwood, and others and give them new life. Not only does this protect our natural forests, it also means that we create less waste from the manufacturing process and contribute less to the environmentally punishing mining industry. It’s better for the planet and that means its better for all of us. So, if you’re looking for a wedding ring you can feel good about buying, wood ones are a great option.

koa wood rings 

They’re Becoming Trendy

A few years ago, the concept of wooden jewelry was still fairly unheard of here in the West. Nowadays, the idea has gained traction and wooden rings are becoming one of the trendiest pieces of jewelry on the market. By choosing a wedding ring made from wood, you are choosing a ring that is ahead of the curve and extremely fashionable. While it’s not the only reason you should pick a wooden ring, it is a great benefit especially if you and your wife or husband-to-be are the fashion-conscious sort. Just be prepared. Everyone will want to know where you got your gorgeous wedding bands.

 wood wedding bands perfect choice for your man

Inexpensive and Affordable

There are a few things in life that are inevitable. Death and taxes are two of them, but anybody who is getting married will point out to you that ‘going over your wedding budget’ should certainly be a part of the list. Weddings, even small, intimate ones, can be very expensive. If you’re wanting a pair of rings that are special and unique but don’t break the budget, ones made of wood should go straight to the top of your list. While the price will vary depending on where you buy them from, they are almost always reasonable. Here at Urban Designer, you can regularly find our handcrafted, reclaimed wood inlay rings for $60 dollars both on sale and at regular price. Even some of our most intricately designed rings are still available for $100 or less. That’s extremely competitive prices compared to more traditional metal/stainless steel rings on the market and it proves that you can find a gorgeous ring at a comfortable, affordable price.


How did you like our article? Are you starting to like the idea of wooden wedding rings? Reach out as let us know! And if you’re considering buying a pair for your upcoming wedding, you can browse through our entire wooden wedding bands collection .

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