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Building a Better Wedding Party: 4 Characteristics of a Good Groomsman

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If you’ve ever been in a wedding party yourself, you know that things can get a little crazy. Even months prior to the ceremony, the nearly-newlyweds are in a mad dash to make sure that everything gets done on time -- trying to coordinate venue bookings, shopping around for attire, and probably defending that their cake flavor of choice is indeed the right one.

In other words, there’s a lot on their plate, and it only gets more intense on ceremony day since there are always last-minute details to sort through. It indeed requires all hands on deck, making a solid wedding party an absolute must.

However, it’s not purely a numbers' game, though. Quality matters even more than quantity, particularly for important positions like your groomsmen. Anybody you choose to stand next to you definitely needs to have a few specific characteristics. Wondering what they are? Here are a few of the main traits that guarantee someone will be a great groomsman on top of being a fantastic friend.


1. Emotionally Supportive

Getting married is a beautiful, wonderful step for any couple interested in it. The actual wedding itself is, too, but it’s not without plenty of hardships. Just trying to secure a venue you love and the attire of your dreams is incredibly difficult, not to mention having to balance all sorts of various appointments, figure out how to pay for everything, and live your regular life simultaneously.

It can be super stressful, and this is why finding the right kind of groomsmen is essential! Not only can they lighten the load, but they can also provide the emotional support you need to ensure you stay excited about the big day rather than entirely overwhelmed.

So, try to keep this in mind during your wedding planning process. Picking groomsmen who are kind, good at handling emotions, and supportive is one of the best choices you’ll ever make. Trust us.


2. Communicative

You know how everyone says ‘communication is key’ when it comes to relationships? Well, first of all, that’s completely true, yet this extends far beyond just the concepts of romantic connections or friendship. Communication is central to being successful at pretty much anything, and it’s especially integral for ensuring a wedding comes together in the end.

Current building up your wedding party? Be mindful to select groomsmen who can truly handle this. Someone who values all opinions, remains communicative throughout the entire wedding process, and can talk through issues calmly is what you should be looking for.

After all, any people who meet these characteristics will be able to better prevent issues on ceremony day and before and sort through any problems that do arise -- helping keep some of the pressure off the bride and groom and make everything far less stressful overall.


3. Always Ready to Lend a Helping Hand

All those phone calls, tastings, fittings, consultations, and such in the months before the wedding are necessary to get things mostly squared away. However, even the most carefully-laid plans can’t account for everything. 

A few issues will probably pop up when you least expect them, and some situations simply can’t be taken care of until the day of, like setting out food, moving reception chairs, getting the bar ready to go, etc. This guarantees that there’s still more than enough to do at all times, and you’ll want groomsmen who are prepared to step up and pull their weight every step of the way.

That sounds pretty simple, but it’s not always so in practice. Weddings are exhausting when you’re not just a guest. It’s tempting even for the best folks to take a few too many breaks or avoid some of the work, thus you’ll have to pick wedding party members very carefully. 

It helps to be clear with potential groomsmen about expectations and responsibilities, then ask them point-blank if they’re up for the task. That way, everyone is kept in the loop, and you’ll know anyone who says ‘yes’ is genuinely ready to lend a hand.


4. Polite & Personable

Having a groomsman or groomsmen who are ready to jump at any opportunity to help out (and don’t worry, they’ll get plenty of chances!) is a massive boon for anybody who’s feeling a touch overwhelmed with how much needs to be done at every turn. They can certainly take a good deal of pressure off your shoulders, yet their assistance will only go so far if they don’t have the right attitude going into it.

And this isn’t just for your benefit or that of your wedding party. Groomsmen do a whole bunch of odd jobs both before you tie the knot and after, but many of these specifically involve guests.

For instance, groomsmen will often help guests find their seats before the ceremony, hand out programs, and answer any questions guests may have to keep the burden off those soon-to-be-married.

Since they’re more guest-facing than some of the other wedding party members, it’s crucial they have the personality for it. People who are polite and personable will be the best at this kind of gig, keeping people not involved in the wedding party happy, well-looked-after, and informed at all times.

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