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Make a thank you note with personalized engraved wooden watches

It’s now finally the time of year that we can finally start slowing down, sitting back, and appreciating all that we have – including all the people who have been there and supported us in all we do. If you want to find a way to thank them this holiday season (or any season!), why not give them the gift of a personalized and engraved Urban Designer wooden watch? Why an engraved wooden watch you may ask? Well:

Wooden Watches are Trendy and Popular

Wooden watches are currently some of the trendiest, most popular jewelry pieces out on the market. They make for excellent personalized gift ideas because they can fit into almost any lifestyle imaginable due to their easy maintenance and because of their durability. Above all though, it’s mainly because they are incredibly stylish! Naturally beautiful because of rich reclaimed wood tones and sleek lines, wood grain watches look great on just about any wrist.

They’re also in a wide variety of styles, so you never have to worry that the watch is wearing you rather than you’re wearing the watch. Whether you’re more formal or casual, are into more modern or more natural styles, or are looking for something more minimalism or something with some bells and whistles, there’s a wood watch out there for you. 

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Gifting Wooden Watches Make an Environmental Difference

What better way to tell someone “thank you” than by giving them a gift that also says “thank you” to the planet? One of the big benefits of the best wooden watches (including our entire line of them) is that they are made of 100% pure reclaimed wood. This means you get all the benefits and beauty of wood without all the horrible environmental effects of felling trees. That’s jewelry you can feel good about gifting.

Along with being sustainable due to their materials, wooden watches are also incredibly environmentally friendly because of how they wear down over time. Wood has the unique property of actually improving over time – getting more comfortable and developing richer colors the more the watch is worn. That makes it a gift that keeps on giving, able to be handed down generation after generation. It tells the story of all who have worn it. What’s a more personalized, sentimental gift than that?

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Engraved Wooden Watches Make for Classy Gifts

If you’re wanting to give a thank you gift that is both thoughtful and elegant, wooden watches for men and women fit the bill. Even the most sophisticated and formal wearer will surely appreciate them. After all, watches are some of the most traditional gifts in the book being the perfect combination of practical and stylish. Everybody needs a great watch in their accessories’ drawer. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to show off your personality while also making people know that you mean business. Equal parts classy and classic, a high-quality wooden watch is almost always guaranteed to impress.

Want to take your present from good to great? There’s no better way by taking the time to engrave your “thank you” gift! Engraved wood watches leave a more lasting, impactful impression and become a much more meaningful gift in general. At the end of the day, all anybody wants is to feel loved and appreciated. Further personalizing your present is a fantastic way to give this to your gift-ee. Stuck on watch engraving ideas? Just choose something from the heart! Whether it’s a little quote, an important date, a picture of a significant place, or just something in your handwriting, its going to mean everything to the person you’re giving thanks to.  

Special way to say love with engraved wood watch

Wooden Watches Cause No Skin Irritation

Giving a gift to show your thanks can already be a difficult task. As much as we love them, sometimes the people we care about can be very picky and hard to shop for and even when they’re not, sometimes it’s hard to remember any specifics they need in a gift. This is especially true for jewelry, because a lot of people have skin sensitivities to think about. Luckily for you, you don’t have to worry about this with personalized wooden watches! All our wood watches at Urban Designer are hypoallergenic, skin safe, and free from any irritants. No worrying about your gift receiver’s skin turning green or developing a rash because of their new present!

This makes our watches just about a perfect gift for just about any jewelry lover, young or old. Because of wood’s non-irritating material, your gift-ee can wear it as much as they want without dealing with any horrible itch. And of course, the more they wear it, the smoother the material will be equaling increased comfort day after day! You may be getting them a wood grain watch as thanks, but we’re certain they (and their skin) will be the one saying, “thank you”!

If you want to get your hands on one of our hypoallergenic, sustainable, and stylish wood watches, visit UD engraved wood watches to get yours today! 

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