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Spring Fashion and Accessory Trends: Colorful Jewelry

urban designer wooden jewelry

The past decade or so has been rather rough across the board. We’ve dealt with market crashes, a fierce recession, widespread inequality and injustice, and a myriad of other difficult circumstances. And within the last year, we’ve had to add an entire global pandemic onto this already intense list of issues. It would be an understatement to say that it has been hard on all of us. But as we always do, we’ve found ways to cope, to bring ourselves a little joy in-between the moments of hardship. 

In our industry, this has recently taken shape in the form of embracing color. Ready to bust out of quarantine and move past the fear and worry that have shaped us over the course of several months and towards optimism, playfulness, and nostalgia, neutrals are out, and everything vibrant, and pop-y are in! It’s spring 2021’s hottest jewelry trend, and from what we can tell, it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Want to delve a little deeper? Here’s everything you need to know about the trend and a few Urban Designer options that are perfect for experimenting with it yourself.  


Breezy Pastels

While all forms of color and off-the-wall design are totally in right now, light and breezy pastels are probably among the very top. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise. There’s actually been a bit of a historical precedent set, most visible with the rise of everything from pastel lawn flamingos to bathroom tile, cars, and more after the horror that was WWII and then again in a slightly quieter way after the trauma of the 2008 recession. It’s a longstanding tradition, a way to visibly distance ourselves from the bad and towards better, happier times. It only makes sense that we’re doing this yet again. Despite the cyclicality of it, though, the trend still feels fresh, exciting, and extremely timely – perfect for spring and for emerging from our homes post-vaccine. 

Looking to get in on all the fun? Our matching his and hers swiss wood watches might be just the ticket. Featuring dustier shades of pink and blue, they fit right in with the colorful jewelry trend and love of pastels while also hitting on other current design choices like square faces and contrasting, visible wood grain. Specifically in the market for something more feminine and fun? Try on our Classic Pink Faced Zebra Wood Band Watch or Rainbow Triangle Wood Watch.


Bold Wood Colors

Pastels like the famous (or maybe infamous, depending on who you ask) millennial pink, baby blue, and soft yellow may be having a moment right now, but nature-inspired colors, prints, and designs are just as popular. To be fair, that isn’t entirely new. These have had a major spotlight on them for a few years now as we’ve collectively started to lean more towards sustainability, eco-friendliness, and buying from small businesses rather than mega-corporations. Wood watches and jewelry as a whole probably wouldn’t be fashionable at all otherwise. Although, the love for wood construction and back-to-nature aesthetics has continued to grow and change with time. The most recent development: high demand for bold wood colors, a trend that adds a punch to any Zoom call outfit without overly fussy design. 

Volcano Chronograph Wood Watch For Men Red Wood Band with Dark Metal Combined

If you want a UD piece that fits the bill and takes this particular colorful jewelry trend to heart, our Volcano Chronograph Red Wood option deserves your immediate attention. It’s one of our newer offers and is sure to go fast thanks to its bold and bright red wood tone, contrasting dark metal elements, stylized face, and extremely comfortable band.  


Geometric Color Blocking

Soft, delicate tones and intense wood grain color alike are enjoying a major resurgence at this point in our lives. This is largely because they balance the knife-edge between minimalism and maximalism, providing some unexpected style and pizzaz without going too over the top. Both happen to be an ideal pair for the 2020s emerging focus on comfortable, easy fashion. Although, there’s one more serious color trend contender that goes in a very different direction while remaining equally as popular, and that is geometric color blocking. Basically, it’s everything right now, piggybacking off of our serious 90s nostalgia and reminding us of our childhoods while remaining work-appropriate. Vibrant, whimsical, loud, and retro is the name of the game right now, and geometric color-blocking hits on each one in spades. 

Match his and hers Color block Wood Watches

For those curious to see if this colorful jewelry trend might work for their wardrobe, don’t hesitate to put our Colorful Angle Matching Couples Watches in your shopping cart. They utilize the geometric shapes and contrast that everyone loves but offers a palette that’s a compromise between a more faithful 90s-inspired take on the trend and the safe neutrals you might still be used to. It’s great for working your way into color blocking without being overly safe and can work even in more formal office settings.

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