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Trendy Eco Friendly Gifts- Wooden Watches With Personal Engraving

Trendy Eco Friendly Gifts Wooden Watches With Personal Engraving

Now that Halloween is firmly in our rearview mirrors, the countdown has now started. Christmas is only a couple of months away, and like always, it’s bound to sneak up on us before we know it. Between this, Thanksgiving, and the sheer volume of birthdays that seem to fall in the colder winter months, gift-giving is on the horizon. The problem is, what are you supposed to buy for your friends and family? There are countless great options, but for those who like jewelry or are after something eco-friendly, you can’t go wrong with a wooden watch.


Always Trendy, Always Classic

Wood watches have several strengths over some of the other options out there, but one of the biggest is that they balance perfectly on that knife-edge of trendy but also classic. In some ways, they’re novel and innovative, making use of wood rather than the stainless steel most of us typically expect from our watches these days and embracing the wood grain aesthetic rather than covering it up. Coming in practically every style imaginable – from cutting-edge and modern to minimalistic, rugged, and everything in between and beyond – wood watches offer a little something for everyone.

They’re designed with modern tastes in mind, favoring sleek lines, comfortable, easy to maintain materials, and designs that favor tasteful details. They also tend to be crafted by artisans rather than machines, making them accessories with a more meaningful story than others you could grab off the shelves. Together, all of this adds up to create one-of-a-kind, trendy timepieces that can easily wow everybody in the room. However, wood watches also typically resist passing fads, particularly “out there” colors, or aesthetics that will be out as quickly as they came into fashion. They’re intended to last, stylish but also timeless in their designs, making them classics you can just as easily wear in 2020 or 2050 alike.


Sustainability First

The aesthetics of wood watches give us plenty to applaud on their own, but part of what makes them amazing gifts is their eco-friendliness. All our watches here at Urban Designer value sustainability, and that attitude is reflected through the materials we use. Rather than freshly felled trees, our wood watches, wood rings, and other accessories all make use of 100% reclaimed wood. In this way, we are committed to reusing and recycling, rather than continuing to destroy our forests all in the name of fashion. It’s a more sustainable, natural way to live, and we’re happy to encourage that with the make of our wood watches. Good for the planet and good for you, it’s a win all around.


That Added Personal Touch

This commitment to sustainable materials also comes with more than just lowering our environmental impact – although we are very proud of that. It also means that our wooden watches have a story built-in already. In a way, they had a life before us and they’re sure to have a life after us, perfect for handing down generation to generation. The wood they’re crafted from is a natural, changing material, and will continue to change as you wear it. Time will lead to a smoothening of the wood and the development of a unique patina, rich, complex, and specific to you. Your watch truly develops a personal touch, becoming something more beautiful and individual than it was right out of the box.

On top of this, wood watches allow yet one more way to add a sweet, personal touch: engraving. Unlike with stainless steel and other conventional metal watch materials, adding a personal engraving is super easy and straightforward. Whether you decide to engrave a small message, a meaningful date, coordinates, or even a picture is up to you. Just don’t hesitate to take advantage of this. It takes little extra time or money, but it’s a thoughtful, personal touch that makes a trendy gift something truly special.

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