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Wedding Bands: Comfort Fit vs. Standard Fit

One of the greatest things about wooden wedding rings is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and material specifics. No matter whether you are in the market for something sleek and modern, relaxed and natural, or something classic and traditional, there’s a wedding band for you. However, these bands don’t only come in a wide range of styles. They also come in a couple different fits – comfort and standard – guaranteeing your wooden wedding band will fit as good as it looks. What exactly are the difference between these two fits, though, and do they actually make a noticeable difference? Here’s a quick rundown to help you find out.

 wedding bands comfit fit and standard fit

The Differences Between Fits

Before deciding which wedding band fit is for you, it is important to understand the basics about standard fit rings and comfort fit ones. Standard fit wedding bands are rings that have a more straightforward and simplistic design than their comfort fit counterparts. This type of ring features the same diameter from edge to edge and is completely flat on the inside. Meanwhile, comfort fit rings are not completely flat and have a rounded interior instead. This helps the ring slide over the knuckle a little easier in addition to providing less pressure on the finger as a whole. For some people (especially those who work with their hands), this makes comfort fit rings the comfier option. Don’t think that means standard fit rings are uncomfortable, though! They can be just as nice to wear as any comfort fit rings. Like anything, it all comes down to lifestyle, body differences, and personal preference.  


Which Fit Should You Choose?

Now that you know the basic differences between comfort fit and standard fit bands, which one is right for you? Well, there are countless factors that go into that. However, here are just a few considerations that might help you lean one way or another.

  • Comfort fit bands work best for mens wooden wedding bands Because men tend to have larger knuckles than women, they can have issues getting a standard fitted wedding ring on and off because of its consistent diameter. After all, the diameter is sized for their finger, not their knuckle! This means a ring can be the right size for their finger and still not actually fit properly. Getting a wood ring in a comfort fit can help solve this issue as the diameter gets larger the closer you get to the ring’s edge. Larger diameter equals easy on and off without compromising fit.
  • Standard fit sizing is easier – Are you particularly worried about getting the proper ring size right off the bat? Well, if you are, this might not be the time to experiment with different ring fits. Comfort fit ring sizes can be a little bit more difficult to peg than others because their diameter isn’t consistent all the way through. If you get a ring and both the interior and edges don’t fit perfectly, it could easily fall off. So, for those who are buying for a partner or who have not already tried on different comfort fit rings, sticking with standard might be for the best.
  • Comfort fit wedding bands usually can’t be resized  While there’s nothing inherently special about these types of rings that make them unalterable, comfort fit rings are often made out of or use materials like tungsten, ceramic, or cobalt due to their silky feels. Even wooden rings often make use of these. Unfortunately, the result is that they can’t be resized. Standard fit rings come in a wider range of materials and might be a better option for anyone worried about sizing throughout the years.
  • Standard fit isn’t the best for people with joint pain – Are you someone who suffers from arthritis or some other chronic pain in your hands or fingers? If so, we highly encourage opting for comfort rather than standard fit wedding bands. These will allow you better range of motion and allow you to flex your fingers without your band causing too much pressure or digging in. People who work with their hands often will also fare better with these for similar reasons.


Keep in mind, though, that these factors are only one part of the equation. While they are true for most, they’re not true for all. The differences between fits can be subtle, and they will feel and fit different on each person.  That’s why it is always best if you can try before you buy or buy a wedding band with a great return policy. While we unfortunately can’t help you with the former, we can help you with the latter! All our wood rings can be returned and come with a warranty in case of manufacturing defects and damage. Visit our site or contact us to find your perfect wood wedding rings today.

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