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Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid
Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid
mens wedding band with wood inlay
Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid
Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid
Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid
Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid

Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band With CASK Wood Inlaid

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This wonderful men's wedding ring made with CASK wood inlay combine a warm earthy design with the durability of tungsten carbide.

We paired this timber with modern tungsten carbide, for a modern, and minimalist aesthetic.

mens wedding rings wood inlay


  • Width - 8mm
  • Metal - Tungsten Carbide
  • Color - Natural Wood
  • Inlaid Wood - CASK Wood


As a general rule these special care recommendations should be followed for wooden wedding bands:

- Remove the rings before showering, bathing or swimming.

- Rings with Wood inlay should not be worn when hands are exposed to moisture for long periods of time - for example, when washing dishes or taking a bath.

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How do you find out your ring size?

How do you find out your ring size at home

1. Cut a thin strip of paper.

2. Wrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.

3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.

4. Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

Can wooden bands be resized?

Like tungsten rings, wooden rings cannot be resized as they are not malleable. Choose your ring size carefully prior to purchase. The best time of the day to measure your finger is at the end of the day when your fingers tend to expand.

In the case that the ring does not fit, your best option is to replace the ring. Finger sizes change over time, meaning that your ring may not fit as the years pass.

While replacing the ring is not expensive, there is the emotional tug knowing that you won’t be wearing the exact same ring from your proposal or wedding day.

From Urban Designer, you can exchange rings if it doesn't fit you well.

What maintenance is required?

Depending on the type of ring and wood used, there may be special requirements for maintenance. For example, inlay wood rings generally just require a good clean with a polishing cloth to keep the shine and luster of the ring, whereas bentwood rings may require coating more frequently. However, there are some general tips to follow for all types of wooden rings.

Most wooden rings are not waterproof and may get water damage if submerged for long periods of time in water. It is recommended to take off your wooden ring when doing the washing up, swimming, showering and engaging in any water-related activities. However, some people never take their wooden rings off in these situations and have had no damage happen to their rings.

Keep the rings safe from hard knocks, bumps and impact of any sort. This can chip the wood or cause unsightly dents and scratches.

Don’t expose your wooden rings to harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine or household detergents. This applies also to cosmetics and hairsprays. This is a precaution recommended for all jewelry types.

Have your ring checked at least once a year for defects and make sure that the ring receives a new coating of finish as required. This will ensure that the wood is protected and any nicks or scuffs polished away.

Shipping & Returns

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Shipping Options: Standard, Priority Mail Service (1-3 days), Next Day Shipping, Priority International Express Mail (3-5 business days) during check out section.

All Urban Designer Wooden Rings covered for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty provides, in the case of a manufacturing defects, repairs to the item free of charge*.  Damages to our wood ring sustained through accident, or daily wear and tear will be repaired upon approval of an estimate.