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A Few Anniversary Gift Tips

Anniversary gifts ideas

Looking for anniversary gifts could be a sweet and spicy (frustrated) project. If you reading this article, Happy anniversary or upcoming anniversary! 

Single highhandedly, one of the hardest tasks as a girlfriend is finding a gift for your significant other. When trying to figure out what to buy my boyfriend, I basically always come to a dead end. Jack DOES NOT like surprises, so for birthdays and our anniversary he picks out what gifts he wants, and I buy them.

Anyway, Jack will be home permanently right around our 15 month anniversary, so I decided that I want to get him a gift to commemorate that milestone. 15 months doesn’t seem like all that much, but we’ve spent this entire time in completely different countries, then completely different states. This November, he will be home for good in Dallas, and we won’t be long distance anymore (that is, we’ll be in the same state...not the same city, but we’re working on that)! 

Back to the anniversary gifts…

Engraved Wood Watches

Personalized engraved wooden watches from Urban Designer are the BEST– engraved, wooden watches that are eco-friendly because they are only made with reclaimed wood. I’ve wanted to get Jack a watch for some time now, and I think his homecoming might be the perfect chance!

engraved wooden watches

I love that they are not only eco-friendly, but extremely versatile and can be worn with a number of different styles. 

While you’re here, keep scrolling. I have some more ideas for anniversary and birthday gifts for him!

As I said earlier in this post, I think these watches are extra cool because they are environmentally friendly and extremely versatile. They have numerous different designs that fit everyone’s needs, and they are super affordable. Click here to find out more about the watches and pick one out for your guy! 

Wooden Rings

Wooden rings have tremendous depth of meaning and are sturdy and trendy enough for modern life. Meanwhile those wooden rings are becoming more trendy as wood wedding band choice, anniversary gift ideas.

wooden wedding bands
Many traditions honor wood as a material having spiritual and symbolic power. Feng shui, an element of Chinese thought, divides the world into five elements: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The “wood” element is considered the first element, the starting place, and is associated with the season of spring and other new beginnings. (This is why wood rings are perfect for engagements and marriages!). Wood is associated with courage, birth, newness, health, family, and abundance. Who wouldn’t want a little of that to wear around?

Handmade Briefcase

Mens briefcase


Handmade Men’s Briefcase provides us a vintage feel with a modern twist. A true classic style (and one of the best sellers), while we love it in traditional cognac brown, it also comes in other great colors like dark brown, navy blue, slate grey, and more.

Whether your husband prefers practical gifts or a touch of luxury, these are some good ideas that could help you find anniversary gifts for him!



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