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Things You Need To Know About Wooden Watches

best wooden watches from urban designer

I have been hearing people asking "where to buy wooden watches? "  even though those smartphones and other fancy gadgets will replace the traditional watches. As a watch lover, I truly believe that people still wearing an elegant time-telling accessory in their wrists. A watch has been and will always be an important element of an individual’s overall look.

History of wood watches 

The concept of the wristwatch goes back to the production of the very earliest watches in the 16th century. In last years wood watches have became the new trendy among the variety of wrist watches. Wood is one of the oldest building materials known to man, and it’s renowned across the world for its beautiful colors and interesting grain patterns. Many traditions honor wood as a material having spiritual and symbolic power. Wood grain watches are a classy accessory for any occasion and can be worn with confidence.

Are wood watches in style?

Wood Watches are still pretty trendy nowadays, personally I would consider wood grain watches as symbol of classy. Apart from looking trendy and simplistic, wood watches also have various other benefits.

Are Wooden Watches Durable?

Yes wooden watches are very durable. Most of wood watches are made of solid wood such as sandal wood, bamboo, maple wood, etc. With a wood watch, you don't have to worry about its life since wood is an extremely durable material. The wood watches could be expected to last a lifetime and treat it like a timeless piece. And no worries about scratches or other damages since wood are a robust material and its natural beauty has the ability to hide within itself such minor issues.

Wood watch is sustainable

Generally, any tree that is felled for anything is usually replaced. So, wood is a sustainable source. At Urban Designer, sustainability is important to us, and that’s why our watches are made using reclaimed wood. This means less waste is created during the process, and it allows us to use what nature has already provided rather than cutting down trees and causing harm to the planet. Wood watches would be great eco-friendly gift idea for your loved ones.

They are lightweight with personal engraving

Many stainless steel wrist watches are amazing but they are also heavy. Wooden watches are extremely light. In addition, unlike other watches, wood watches can be engraved. With typed or handwritten text or images, wooden watches can be personalized, meaningful, life-long gifts with a human touch. 

Wood is the first element

Many traditions honor wood as a material having spiritual and symbolic power. Feng shui, an element of Chinese thought, divides the world into five elements: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The “wood” element is considered the first element, the starting place, and is associated with the season of spring and other new beginnings. (This is why wood watches are perfect gifts for groomsmen and marriages!). Wood is associated with courage, birth, newness, health, family, and abundance. Who wouldn’t want a little of that to wear around?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest and most durable trend in watches.

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